We survived his first 100 days

There’s dancing in the streets celebrating Barack Obama’s first attempt at ruling. (Word chosen carefully.) So what’s he done for you?

Brought the troops home? Nope. In fact he’s sent more.

Miraculously healed the economy? Uhuh. Unemployment jumped higher than expected. The stock market as measured by the DJIA is 40% lower than when he wrapped up the nomination and 1,000 points (or 11%) lower than is day of inauguration.

Let’s see – he’s created havoc with the banking system and continues to threaten to nationalize companies like GM. He’s increased the national debt through a stimulus bill that rewarded his base financially. He’s proposing a budget that will “halve” the national debt he’s run into the stratosphere.

Pew research wants you to know the man still walks on water. Rasmussen suggests he’s barely receiving positive ratings diving from +30 to +2.

I think we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. This guy’s a disaster waiting to be revealed. Too bad we’ll have to live through it all.