YLSNED: All hail the youthful vernacular

I have to type this during fits of laughter.

First, let me explain. I’m old. I’m getting older every minute. Some days I feel so old I opt for slip-on shoes instead of something I’ll have to bend over to tie. My idea of a late night is snoozing on the couch waiting up for the youngest to come home.

All of that is meant to explain that no matter how hip I think I can be, I’m still likely to miss a few things here and there. Like the most recent meaning for the phrase “motor boat.”

This morning was early, as I mentioned before, so contrary to my usual routine I fixed a pot of coffee instead of a cup of tea. I’ve been off coffee for a while. Half caf is standard around here. This morning’s pot was fully leaded. One Starbuck’s venti-sized mug and I’m good to go until midnight.

So like any hip old person, I tweeted the news: “Motor boat, motor boat, step on the gas! What a cup of real coffee will do for a girl who’s been dried out for a couple of months.”

Within moments I had a couple of tweets in reply. One told me 10 cups a day was his norm; the other suggested I shouldn’t use “motor boat.” Look it up, he said.

Motor boat was a jump rope rhyme from my childhood. You jumped faster on that phrase until you missed and were out. Perfectly harmless, right?

If you aren’t easily offended, you can take a peak at what it means now.

Ya’ learn something new every day.


  1. I think I peed a little when I read the urban dictionary! HILARIOUS. You motor boatin sunofab***h. Built for speed or comfort?

  2. The Lorax says:

    I’m glad I could provide a few laughs today. I have to admit, i was laughing pretty hard too.

  3. Sorry, Dan, You’ve been edited.

    You boys will get a kick out of the fact that Son #2 sent me a modest reprimand for the same thing as he saw it on facebook.

    Thank goodness for our strict “don’t ask don’t tell” policy as the young uns approach 21.

  4. OMG. LMAO.


    (I feel so young and hip now)