It’s Scott Walker day

Folks are all a-twitter (cough, cough) that Scott Walker announced the filing of his gubernatorial paperwork on the social media network earlier this afternoon. I received a recorded phone call from him (his campaign) about 5:00 p.m. inviting me to join him at different rallies across the state next week. Clearly the man is in campaign mode.

Let’s set the record straight: I think Scott Walker is a great guy with his heart in the right place. He’s done wonderful things for Milwaukee County. He’s still got work to do there, though, and I don’t think it’s fair for him to abandon it to make a run right now. He may need to concede his time will never come to move up the political ladder and focus his efforts on being a great Milwaukee County executive.

I know, I know, Mark Neumann has tossed his hat into the ring, too. I spoke to a PR guru this week that’s looking forward to a long and loud primary to raise Republican awareness across the state. His thinking? It’s the only way to swing enough momentum for a win against Doyle next November.

I’ve mentioned before I thought it would be fun to see Dan Finley run. My fantasy candidate though? (Hey, they have other fantasy sports, why not politics?) That would be Representative Paul Ryan.

Mr. Ryan, Washington, D.C., is a train wreck and will be for a few more years. Come home, win big, and we’ll support you all the way to the Presidency in eight years.

I promise.


  1. FINLEY?

    Be serious.

  2. Hey, I did use the word “fun” in that sentence.

  3. While there is still work to be done in Milwaukee County, I honestly don’t know how much more Walker can do with only 3 reliable votes on the 19-member County Board.

    Regarding Finley, I believe the line is, “Surely you can’t be serious.”

    As for Ryan, he’s damaged a lot of his credibility the last 7 months between support of a lot of the bailouts and support of the 90% TARP bonus tax. Still, the GOP is not prepared to replace him in the 1st, which is a big reason why talk of him taking on Feingold has sort of disappeared.

  4. 3 votes? Besides his lapdogs Cesarz and Rice, who does he have reliable?

    Sanfelippo? He turned on Walker when Walker got stupid about stimulus?

    Borkowski? He’s turned enough when the rubber hits the road.

    De Bruin is middle of the road. Walker has growing unpopularity, except in SE WI that is not Milwaukee County.

    But it is fun to see him running scared. The only thing is, he ain’t been scared yet.

  5. It would have been cool if you could have linked to a page that described the “wonderful things” he has done for Milwaukee County.

  6. Scott Walker’s 2010 campaign will end the same way his 2006 campaign did; with Walker crawling back to Milwaukee County having lost yet again.

  7. Oh! Geez! Capper….you’re killin’ me! You are so doggone funny! I’m dyin’ here rolling on the floor laughing my @$$ off.

    God, you’re a funny guy.

    “Lapdogs”…OMG, funniest stuff yet.

    Hey, how about that Doyle as lapdog for the SEIU, WEAC and the tribes? And the way he humps Obama’s leg? Great stuff, Cap…really.