Well poop.

Do you prefer your raw sewage in a handful of basements or spread along public waterways? That’s a good question for Elm Grove, who obviously chose the public waterways route.

I’m not sure about this. What would you do?


  1. Wilson828 says:

    I like my poop right out in public along the waterways. For all to see and enjoy.

    Interesting topic of conversation.

    Just back from Italy…. very nice…. perfect weather.

    They put their poop in sewers there though.

  2. Welcome home. I’m gearing up for a trip to Florence/Tuscany next September. Can’t wait.

    Think I’m adding Turkey next April or so, too. Where’s next for you?

  3. No good options there, apart from fixing the problem–if it’s possible. It doesn’t seem reasonable to expect the home owners to just store the stuff for the rest of the neighborhood.

    I drove through the area around 5:30 Sunday evening. There was a lot of water flowing over Water Town Plank Rd., torrents of water moving through properties from San Jose to Circle Drive, where it was gushing into the air at the street.

  4. Wilson828 says:

    Florence is really quaint. Known for their leather and gold jewelry, Florence is really cosmopolitan for being so quaint. So many cute and romantic restaurants. You may care to do what we did and split your lunches so you can try more restaurants – light lunch at one place with bruschetta and wine, and then another light lunch of something and wine… and then later afternoon split a desert and cappuccino. Yum! Oh yeah the wine – they don’t have the chemicals that we have – no headaches, doesn’t make you tired – you don’t get tipsey as easily which makes enjoying the flavor more pleasant. You going anywhere else? We went to Pisa, Venice, Verona, Rome…. Venice is cool. Very cool … it’s like Florence but without the motor vehicles. So anyway. Next vacation is 2 weeks in Door County – we have a place there and go there a couple times a month. As far as European trips … dunno where next. Last year we did so many mini trips … around the USA. Dunno what else we’ll do. We started a tradition of NYC trips the weekend after Thanksgiving -but this year we thought we’d give that a rest .. but I feel like going to NYC again. But not when it’s hot. I don’t like hot and humid. So during hot humid months we go to Door County sit on the deck and my wife listens to me bitch about the hot. She eventually gets fed up and goes shopping.
    So you should be starting your wind up for Jim Sennsenboober’s seat shouldn’t you? I mean this takes time to do no? When will you gather your team to meet and start work?

  5. I’m afraid I’ve been threatened by another good acquaintance of mine that I can’t touch Sensenbrenner.

    Here’s the Italy itinerary. We were in NYC a couple of weeks ago (still a favorite here, too) and I have a week in DC June 21 at The Clearing.

    You know, it’s time to figure out if we are really getting a Hooters. Maybe I’ll make a couple of phone calls today. (Isn’t it special that when I think of you, I think of Hooters?)

  6. Wilson828 says:

    Your itinerary looks wonderful – you’ll have such fun!!! We did DC last September and made heavy use of the subway trains like pro’s. Great fun. Don’t rent a car in DC you won’t need it.

    Well if not Sensenboober.. then certainly Mary Lazich’s seat!!! That would be an easy victory – she’s so shallow she may not even know you’re running against her! Talk about ditzy!


  7. Yep, Wilson828, you’ve been edited. Ew!

    I don’t live in Lazich’s district, so I’m off the hook there.

  8. Senator Lazich has been very responsive and concerned regarding the anti bullying legislation and PPMS abuse issues.