Just don’t name your kid Arnold

That name has a bad history…

If you’re on the internet or watching the news, you’ll know that Senator Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania is switching from the Republican to the Democratic party. It seals the deal, since he’s been voting with the Dems for some time.

What’s newsworthy is that with the expected confirmation of comedian Al Franken from Minnesota (What is it with that state? First a professional wrestler and now a jester?) the Democrats will have 60 in the Senate. That’s the magic number to wrap up legislation without interference.

Yes, it’s a big deal, but it may not be a big deal for long. Specter is up for re-election in November 2010. He’s well behind his Republican challenger Pat Toomey; the latest report came out this morning. I’d bet good money those numbers – 51% for Toomey to 30% for Specter – are the reason for today’s news.

Pennsylvania has elected a Republican in the past, but the state did vote for Obama in 2008. Their other Senator is also a Democrat.


  1. Larry Pensure says:

    Get elected by republicans and decide you want to be a democrat. How about resign and ask for a new election. Then you can run as a Democrat and the people of PA can elect someone that is not a turncoat.