More on Arlen Specter’s defection

LeFou, I’m afraid I’ve been thinking…

This move is to save Specter’s seat. (Or backside, or, um, however you want to phrase that.) You see, it was becoming more apparent Specter wouldn’t win the primary. Contrary to our Wisconsin thinking, Pennsylvania has a CLOSED primary. Democrats could not cross over and vote for him in the primary as one might do in this state. If he lost the primary as a Republican, he wouldn’t be on the ticket. A second, lesser preferred Democrat would be running against Republican Pat Toomey.

Now Specter has ensured a race.

He’s gaming the system. Bet it works.


  1. He was quite open about that. He also made the point that moderates are not fully engaged in the workings of either party, and the Republican Party in particular has lost seats (he was specific) for that reason. It was an unusually interesting news conference for a politician.

  2. You assume that Specter will prevail in a DEM primary (they are closed in PA.)

    And there’s no guarantee that’ll happen…remember, he jacked the unions by dissing card-check.

  3. Yes, I think everyone is assuming he’d prevail in a DEM primary, or he wouldn’t take the risk. Money talks. Besides, President Obama said he’d campaign with him!

  4. The Lorax says:

    He’s going to win. If it’s close he will vote yes on card check and unions will campaign hard for him.

    I like Specter, he’s like me in 40 years. Doing the opposite of what people want him to do. Being a devil’s advocate. A thorn in people’s sides. A Pat Murphy.

  5. The Lorax says:

    Also, Dems will support Specter because it puts a Dem as a lock in PA which is an expensive state meaning they can focus their resources on states like NC and TX.

  6. “I like Specter, he’s like me in 40 years.”

    I’ll look forward to seeing that. I hope I’m still sufficiently lucid to enjoy it!