One of those days

They happen every once in a while.

First let it be known that once your cute little children leave the stage of year-end field trips and classroom parties they plunge into the dread of finals. The routine lasts for at least 8 years. If you dare to have more than one child, you get Finals Fever for, well, ever. At least that’s what it feels like.

It starts at the end of April for Marquette, a little later for UW-Madison, and marches all the way through May into the first weeks of June for high schoolers. Hey, while we’re at it, toss in a couple of AP exams for good measure.

Finals Fever demands that the student a) never be asked to unload the dishwasher; b) never be asked, “how are things going?”; c) never be subjected to family gatherings; and d) never be requied to manage details like checking account balances. Of course, necessary stress relievers like a beer with the guys and, oh, prom, or coffee with your boyfriend can be included.

Finals Fever is in part responsible for my crummy day from two of three offspring. I shall not answer the phone if #3 calls.

The computer is closer to working than before, but the virus had moved to the backup device I was using, which immediately infected the darn thing again. I was sloppy. I cost me a couple of hours.

Finally, a two-year-old bill that I thought I’d worked through with the medical company LAST FEBRUARY came billed as unpaid today. That’ll be another couple of hours on the phone tomorrow.

Oh, sure, it could be worse, but today really lacked a good rhythm. I guess I can always hope for tomorrow.


  1. Cindy follow blogger Randy Hollenbeck did a post on some free anti-malware software which did the trick on my virus that I had.

    It is called Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware software and here is the link to his post that talks about it. It is free. I hope everything goes well.