Brookfield Hooters update (UPDATED!)

Yes, they are still planning to be here says corporate. That’s about all I could get out of them besides the statement “we’re very early in the process,” which I heard four or five times. A quick check of the documents from city hall via the Web site comes up empty. BrookfieldNOW is yapping about Hooters not being able to use their trademark sign, but corporate says they know nothing about that because “we’re very early in the process.”

I also have a call into the group who owns V. Richards Plaza which, of course, probably will not be V. Richards Plaza if V. Richards isn’t there. I’m curious how leasing might be going for the Schwartz opening, too. The strip mall will have three very large vacancies when the store closes.

Darn! I forgot to ask Hooters if I could have their cheesy tater tot recipe.

Update: Ok, so the Hooters mouthpiece lied to me. This thing is headed to the plan commission May 11.

True confession – I didn’t realize the paper had done a piece this morning. I found it when the link posted to BrookfieldNOW. I wonder why they ever thought to ask city hall about Hooters progress? (I thought briefly I should start reading the MJS again, but quickly decided against it.) I wouldn’t have bothered finding the phone number for my revealing interview had I read the article first.

Still no word on the tater tots recipe, although hits show corporate read my request. 🙂


  1. Wilson828 says:

    Good work! How exciting!!!!

    Yippie!!! Hooters!!!!

    Girls in scantly clad clothing and fried grease!!!!

    It’s the American way!!!

    I recognize based upon past conversations that crime will go up .. prostitution will escalate … we’ll cheapen and otherwise make Brookfield women .. well .. ‘objects’ … (gasp!).

    But the consequences are worth it … grease .. girls…

    I will be onsite as originally promised to make sure that unshaven men are not standing in trenchcoats ready to pounce on the Brookfield housewifes that will be curiosity peepers…

    I also plan to buy my good friend Cindy a great wings luncheon .. maybe with beer? or Wine? I’ll ooogle young girls from the corner of my eye .. while Cindy scolds me for past postings of bad taste and otherwise poorly conceived ideas.

    (I’m a man – it’s not my excuse it’s my reason. I’m a product of marriage – smile)

    Now I’ve given you enough bait and straight lines here – don’t be lazy – don’t waste them!!!!


  2. Bring your wife, too. We might as well (okay, I am NOT going to write that.)

    You know Wilson828, I’m dieting. (It will be imperative that I look the part when I interview. 🙂 ) Right now I don’t care what those girls are wearing. I’d walk on my knees for something fried.

  3. Wilson828 says:


    Maybe you can work there .. dieting and all… smile… rofl….. you’re a good sport!

    Okay – we’ll have salad!

  4. I can’t resist.

    But this post should be renamed:
    Brookfield’s New ( . ) ( . )

    Have at it spam filter.

  5. Well since we’re letting our hair down…

    One of my sons showed his affinity for this particular female body part at an early point in his adolescence. I simply reminded him it was probably because he hung off mine for a year. (Yep, that did what was intended for a few months at least.)

    What is it with you guys and boobs?

  6. Haha. Thanks for letting your, ah, ‘hair’ down.

  7. Wilson828 says:

    What do you mean, ‘what is it with you guys and boobs?’

    I (we) don’t understand the question.

    It’s why we exist.

    It’s mother nature – don’t mess with it.

    On the other hand… not associated with mother nature is the question, ‘what’s with all the shoes and purses?’

    And before you ask it or say after you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all – no – we need to see them all. Every one of them. We’re men. We have to be sure.