Morning mentions

No doubt there will be tons of 100 day hoopla around the blogosphere. I think it’s a hoot that Fox won’t be covering BO’s news conference tonight. Not to worry – their news channel will have it. They aren’t boycotting, they simply aren’t interrupting regular programming for a free campaign commercial.

And you thought the campaigns were over!

One of my favorite morning things is to scroll through the overnight blog hits. This morning I discovered someone translated this page into German. It looks like “moonbat” didn’t go so well.

My favorite? In the left column catch the post “Gut poop.” In the right it’s “Nun poop.”

There were a couple of hits from India, too.

The calendar is blissfully empty today. All I really need to do is get to a grocery store. Brookfield is working on a super version of the supermarket as the plan commission continues to encourage a bigger, better Roundy’s brand-of-the-week on Bluemound Drive. An extra 10,000 square feet is expected.

I recall the tiny markets we shopped in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago. You found everything you needed there. What’s with this suburban demand for bigger is better?

With any luck my head will be a little more clear today. Yesterday was the first Zyrtec of the season and it didn’t go well. Once it wore off it dawned on me, “that’s why I’ve had trouble focusing all day!” I’ll dig around for a Claritin instead. It won’t work, but at least I’ll have a better chance of stringing two words together.

Mission for the day: Is Brookfield gonna have Hooters or not? Wish me luck.