Obama’s approval ratings “sky-high”

Mind you this article never actually puts a number to “sky-high” so you’ll just have to rest assured that’s the case. It’s news, you know! Why should CNN deal with details? They weren’t quoting anyone – it’s actual reporting:

Part of the reason is that the president’s advisers privately express some amazement that amid all of the crises facing America, Obama’s approval ratings are sky-high.

They know it’s probably inevitable that his poll numbers will come down, so they want to keep using what is probably their best asset — the president himself — now while they have the public’s attention and can take advantage of his appeal.

It’s not even an opinion column. This bit of objective news is written by CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent. Chilling, don’t you think?

That reporter must be a short guy, because sky-high is relatively modest when compared to other presidents at this stage of the game. Obama’s highest number is 69. His lowest is only 56.

Please, take a minute to see how Obama compares with other Presidents at this stage of the game. The comparison uses Gallup numbers. Gallup has Obama at 63. Actually, 63 is below the 65.25 average approval since Eisenhower.

Here’s the angle NO ONE is reporting. Again, using Gallup, President Barack Obama has a DISAPPROVAL rating of 31%. That’s second behind the Clinton high of 37%. Other presidents disapproval at 100 days? 10, 5, 15, 18, 21, 22, 29.

Uh huh. There’s a little perspective for the day.


  1. Norris Hall says:

    Conservatives need to wake up.
    Right now they are very unpopular with the American people.
    Rather than waste time trying to rationalize Obamas high approval ratings they need to spend time analyzing their own falling numbers.
    As I see it, the Republican Taliban has taken over their party.
    For Limbaugh conservatives that’s a good thing.
    But that means that the Republicans are being marginalized as a political party.
    Their chances of ever regaining the White House and Congress are less now than they’ve ever been.

  2. Gosh. Thanks for that uplifting bit of morning revelry.

  3. Norris, you are so full of it! Conservatives are very unpopular with the Taliban liberals is what you should have said. The American people you refer to are not the maniacal liberals that you seem to believe they are. I am a conservative and most people I talk to don’t seem to disagree with me if they are informed. The people who are uninformed and watch the evening news are not worth even listening to because they base any arguments on opinions from very long ago. Most voters don’t have a clue just how evil the Democratic Party has become. The Republicans blew it when they had the power with too much spending. Bush blew it by trying to get along with the people who hated him instead of giving them a finger in the eye…just like Obama is doing to the opposition. Once the people wake up to just what is going on, the Democrats could experience the same cataclysmic decline that the Republicans did. Handouts to the beggars seems to be a winning strategy but it can’t continue. Once China owns us and puts the clamps on buying our debt it will be a whole new ballgame!
    Just remember that while Obama is a sweet-talking liar, the Congress is still unpopular. Rats like Arlen Specter give it a worse name than it had with Reid and Pelosi.