Dat woman got style!

$540 a pair worth. At a food bank!

One might surmise they won’t have to worry about seeing this striking pair on my feet anytime soon. (Not even when K-mart comes up with a decent knock-off.)


  1. And yet it is Republicans who are labeled “out of touch.” Sigh.

  2. She’s not only out of touch – these things are down right ugly!

  3. And my Dad thought she was so “down to earth.”

    Are those double-knotted?

  4. What the crap? I wouldn’t pay $5.40 for those. Perez probly thinks they are so hot.

  5. Anthony says:

    What in the world? I wouldn’t pay $540 for a pair of shoes, even if I thought they looked pretty. Shoes get dirtied up so easily, there’s no reason to spend that much money on them.

  6. The Lorax says:

    I think they are stylish–I like them a lot. The colors are very favorable to my tastes, however that’s a ridiculous amount to spend on a pair of shoes. Unacceptable.