Monday morning you want me to what? edition

I popped a Zyrtec about 8 pm last night, and folks, that means I have very few waking brain cells until 6pm or so tonight. Instead of fighting it, I’m giving in. Don’t expect much from the blog today. (I have a love/hate with this little pill. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do, no more sore throat from my drippy sinuses, but it exacts a high price in cognitive ability for 22 hours or so.)

Somehow I will organize enough motor skill to go upstairs and record the most recent school board meeting. I still think those first moments of election could be interesting, but I haven’t caught them yet to be sure.

I made and delivered about 10 dozen cookies to the second son last night. They, and a hefty supply of paper plates and plastic cups, are supposed to get him through finals this week. There’s a good chance the cookies are already gone. That kid always had one heck of a sweet tooth.

Today is another round of baking as the youngest turns 17 tomorrow. Per her self-imposed tradition, cookies are distributed across hallways at East. This year she’s requested peanut butter chocolate chip. Don’t have a recipe for that, so I’ll be digging around the internet this morning. Let’s hope my diminished capacity for concepts ala Zyrtec doesn’t interfere with measuring and setting the timer on the oven.

For all of you Brookfield food lovers, I ran across a special at Jake’s that might interest you. They are offering an 8 oz. tenderloin and one side for $10.95 on Mondays. Call to make reservations. I tried to get this crew to go, but it’s the week of the AP exam, and it appears sustenance will either be cookies or eaten off the study desk until the weekend.

Since my eyes are trying to close again, I’ll say goodbye for now. Must find caffeine.


  1. I take both Zyrtec and Singulair. Was not aware of diminished cognition…..but maybe that explains why I have been forgetting things lately. Seriously, is this a verified side effect? Thanks,

  2. They say it’s supposed to be without side effect, but I lose a day every time I use it. It makes me really sleepy, and that means when I’m trying to work through it anyway, I’m struggling.

    As an example, earlier today I tried to sign the machine for a credit card purchase without using my card first!

  3. Wilson828 says:

    Gosh I hope you feel better.

    I don’t care for Jake’s .. I think it’s over rated and not very good. And I say that after many failed dinner attempts there.

    As alternative .. may I suggest The Grove nearby in Elm Grove – they have entertainment – jazz and a wonderful selection of seafood and other selections. Very nice.

    Get better soon.

    Send cookies.