Video: Elmbrook jostles leadership; Ziegler set aside

At-large Elmbrook school board member Bob Ziegler was passed over twice for leadership in the last round of officer elections. He and Tom Gehl were nominated as President. (No, Meg Wartman wasn’t on the list.) He and Wartman were nominated for Vice-President. Ziegler ended up as clerk from his recent Vice-President’s chair.

Aside from Steve Schwei, who is now gone, I find myself disagreeing most with Bob Ziegler’s goals for Elmbrook school district. I see it as a huge sign of change to come that he’s been sent down the ladder and truly conservative leadership such as Tom Gehl has moved to the top.

No, I don’t always agree with Gehl either, in particular he foisted a $60+ million high school building project on taxpayers, but at least the odds are better for conservative policy decisions with him at the helm.

It appears Wartman made a conscious decision to step down. No doubt she feels her legacy will be in two monster high schools and is ready to share the leadership.

Here’s video of the officer election process:

Original video is from Elmbrook school district.


  1. A Wisconsin Hills Middle School Girl was Sexually Assaulted at Brookfield East by a Pilgrim Park Middle School Boy. They were at a Track Meet!!!! Did the district not learn regarding the track spike beatings of last year?

    Elmbrook response… What track spike beating?

    Elm Grove Police, Waukesha County Court and D.A. office –

    The track spike beatings where the PPMS student was arrested, charged, and found delinquent for beating the girl with track spikes at a PPMS track meet.

  2. The Lorax says:

    Okay, but do you honestly blame the district for everything that happens at an event?

  3. Lorax,

    When these events take place, there are warnings, and the administration chooses not to address the issues, YES.

    The district was well aware of the spiking. They were notified, and asked to investigate these events along with over 100 others.

    Their response was to address the “nature” of the event. When the family of the spiking and beating victim approached a teacher who helps the victim with organization, the teacher was not informed of the trauma and abuse, and that this happened at school and during a track event. She was told the girl was thrown into a bush.

    What were the PPMS Track Coaches told? Most likely, nothing.

  4. Mike,

    The girl was a willing participant. Still gross, but if you punish the boy, you should punish the girl too.

    The boy, by the way, during his 1 day suspension, went to the batting cage with his daddy. Nice parental leaders.

  5. Hi Dave,

    Thank you for the information.

    The girl (victim) was a willing participant? Please explain. A minor child cannot give consent regarding this type of behavior. Touching or grabbing the buttocks of a 12-13 year old girl is 4th degree sexual assault.

    A one day suspension is not enough for this behavior, and your comment regarding the boy’s Father addresses many on this board who state that character and respect should be taught by parents, not by the school.

    Respect and character needs to be spelled out for the student to understand and comply with what is expected of them.

    Elmbrook has discretion on the consequence. Most likely there would have been no mention of this nor consequence if the media did not publish it. We already know boys punching a girl with PPMS staff observing or being notified did not raise the behavior to the level of documenting and reporting such behavior.

    Please note, there was a 13 year old girl was physically abused at PPMS over 100 times last year. Many of the events were reported to the school, and the victim was not protected. This victim did not give consent.

    The district administration ordered (advised) the Vice Principal not to contact the police, even when presented with over 20 fresh cuts and whip marks on the girl’s body.

    The Parents of this district should be holding their administration responsible for protecting the children.

  6. FYI per Wisconsin State Statutes:

    Sexual Contact means any of the following:

    1. Intentional touching by the complainant or defendant, either directly or though clothing by the use of any body part or object, of the complainant or defendant’s intimate parts if that intentional touching is either for the purpose of sexually degrading; or for the purpose of sexually humiliating the complainant or sexually arousing or gratifying the defendant or if the touching contains the elements of actual or attempted battery under s. 940.19(1).


    Under Wisconsin law, a minor is incapable of giving consent to have sexual contact or sexual intercourse with another person. An adult can give consent. Wisconsin law provides that consent can be given by an adult through express words or overt actions by a person competent to give consent. A person who suffers from a mental defect, diminished capacity, or who is unconscious is presumed incapable of giving consent.

  7. If they both are minors and both willingly participated, I just dont understand the law why the boy is charged with a crime and the girl becomes ‘the victim’ and not charged.

  8. Good question. That is up to the police and school.

    The school should have a complete investigation, and apply their policies to all that violated the policies and law. This would send a message to the students and provide consequences to all that have violated the rules.

    However, Elmbrook does not follow their policies. Without enforcing their policies, Elmbrook will continue to have these issues, and Elmbrook will continue to cover them up.

    In the PPMS girl beating, it seems 2 of the perps did not get any Elmbrook consequence, including their behavioral records NOT being updated. The third perp, we believe was expelled over 2 1/2 months after the beating.

    The district refused to investigate the victim’s request for a detailed investigation of the 270 abuses.

    These 3 minors were found delinquent (guilty) in court, and sentenced to secure / unsecure detention.

    The school chose not to help the victim, nor protect her. In fact, by placing one of the perps on her house list on registration list, they caused additional trauma to the child. I believe this was intentional, but even if it was accidental, it is irresponsible, unprofessional and abusive.

    I believe the responsibility falls upon the principal and administration.

    I also believe that people are not about to challenge Elmbrook Administration for fear of retaliation towards their children. The PPMS beating case is just one example.

    Elmbrook’s answer will be no comment, to protect the privacy of the student.

    The same Elmbrook that released 15 items of personal private information regarding the PPMS beating victim and her brother, which Matt Gibson was ordered to apologize for. He did, 7 months later, after the family had to remind the school board of their order.