Brookfield city hall and the plastic surgeon’s visit

Evidence is surfacing that the photo is getting around city hall.

Do I care someone in the city is visiting a plastic surgeon? Not really. (Keep in mind there’s always the chance they were headed somewhere else and parked in that spot anyway.) What bothers me is the constant push-back from city employees that city cars are NEVER used for personal business. It would be pretty hard to find a situation in which this driver was using this car to visit a plastic surgeon or any doctor on city business.

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but there’s also a photo showing the license plate. If it really mattered, I’d look into it a little more. Granted, the fleet falls under the purview of the Director of All Things who lies through his teeth in order to punish detractors and reward loyalists. It’s very likely any request as to who had the car that day would return a false piece of information.

Brookfield, what you need to know is that your tax dollars, the same ones city hall will soon be whining about being in such short supply, offer free cars to a lucky few for personal business.

That’s all.