Mark Belling and his bet on Mine that Bird

Oh, the Cheddosphere is ranting that the good man Mark Belling can’t possibly be expected to keep his word. He’s an entertainer for goodness sake! Why can’t he say anything he wants on his own radio show blog?

You see, Belling shot his mouth off in a Kentucky Derby prediction that if Mine that Bird won, he’d vote for Doyle.

Mr. Belling, I don’t understand your problem. Be a man of your word, prance into that voting booth November 2010 and vote for Doyle.

Maybe it will be a little lesson to you that spouting off has consequences.


  1. Leapin says:

    Belling’s comments were witticisms written on his website that were attached to his Kentucky Derby picks. What about criticizing something of substance like Doyle’s and Obama’s broken promises? If you are a liberal statist then “honor” doesn’t come into play does it?

  2. But wait! I’m a fairly conservative woman. Honor counts. Does that mean I shouldn’t trust anything Belling offers in the future?

    Thanks for clarifying the remarks were on his Web site. Are they still there? I can’t find it.

  3. Ah, found a version, but I don’t think it’s the original.

  4. Give Winecke credit: his response was also humorous, just like Belling’s post.

    From there on, the LeftoWackies went straight downhill.

  5. Why can’t Belling’s grandiose behavior be acknowledged without terms like “LeftoWackies?”

  6. laughing says:

    Come on Cindy, take a break from seriousness and exercise your sense of humor. “LeftoWackies” as well as Mark’s comment are what is called “poking fun”.