The fake controversy over a Hooters sign in Brookfield

City Hall, under the wing (uhem) of our Very Concerned Mayor, has suggested the traditional Hooters sign won’t be welcome in Brookfield. The MJS (performing as has recently been driving the controversy over this issue.

The MJS reporter received an actual quote from Mayor Jeff Speaker. In return she wrote a story lauding city hall’s tight control of Brookfield’s appearance. Said reporter was quick to offer an offending restaurant in another community to prove the Mayor correct in the stand:

A few blocks west of the proposed Hooters site, however, is a bright blue and red painted Burger King restaurant that recently had a large bright yellow SpongeBob SquarePants balloon tethered to its roof. But that site is in the Town of Brookfield and was painted years ago.

Too bad she didn’t look at the Marty’s sign in the City a block from the new Hooters location:

Look at the sign carefully. There’s a great big chef – Marty’s logo. Might that be considered a Hooter’s Owl equivalent? The sign touts “Pizza Pasta and Subs.” Could those words be considered equal to “Wings Shrimp Burgers?” The Marty’s sign uses red and yellow. Hey, Hooters can always argue red and yellow make orange, the company’s signature color.

The city is just flapping about trying to keep the Hooters sign restricted. (Whooooo knows. Maybe someone is waiting for a well-timed campaign contribution.) The best the city can do is to limit the size of the sign. Keep in mind, Pedro’s had a heck of a time getting their sign to show because of the parking on either side.

Hooters has definitely provided sign alternatives where communities demanded. The Mayor of Wingville offered this example from Virginia:

The problem? The City of Brookfield really has no precedence for that kind of restriction. For all the harp of McDonald’s compliance, you’ll find the logo Golden Arches on the entrance sign of the newest restaurant, it’s just not on the building.

I photoshopped a likely Hooters sign.

Any more offensive than our friendly chef above? I didn’t think so.

Don’t misconstrue the above to argue I’m cool to Hooters hanging in Brookfield. I still wish it would head somewhere else. But since there’s not much that can be done, the business deserves to be treated equally to those already around.

See also: Hooters wasn’t even planning to use an owl.


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