It’s Thursday already!

This week is really flying. I have nothing on the calendar today, and that means it’s time for fun. I may take advantage of the moist soil and dig around a bit. I also decided as I was falling asleep last night that I’m planting a ton of basil from seed this year, so I may get that started. (It’s a little risky, but I’ll take that risk.)

The ol’ portfolio is sure looking better than it did a couple of months ago. In particular, the S&P 500 has enjoyed a rebound from the low in early March. Up is always more fun to watch than down. I hope we don’t have to retest that low, but it could happen.

I’ve still a couple of things on Milwaukee County I should have written by now, but there’s no inspiration, so I’m putting them off. Are there other local government issues on your mind? Let me know. Otherwise, I may resort to recipes again. (Just warning you!)

Do you all have anything fun planned for the weekend yet?