Committee rejects alderman’s request

Brookfield’s Legislative and Licensing committee rejected two proposed changes for committee term limits and determining committee members on April 29. Well, technically, they didn’t reject them – they took the whimpy way out and tabled the items indefinitely.

A third request, to juggle meeting dates, is being farmed out to staff for information. It will no doubt be tabled in the future, but at least the committee can say they researched it.

The BrookfieldNOW article will give you more details. I’ll offer a little extra and give you the names of the committee members (as sourced from the City’s Web site.)

Ald. Steven Ponto, Chairman
Ald. Gary Mahkorn
Ald. Rick Owen
Ald. Ron Balzer
Ald. Bill Carnell

Remember, committees are stacked to prevent change unless the dominant members want it. In this case, Ponto, Mahkorn and Owen would most likely provide the guarantee of no change to anything that wasn’t their idea.

You can find info from Alderman Scott Berg’s perspective on his current BrookfieldNOW blog entry.