Get ready for a roundabout at Barker and North

Whoa! Breaking news, eh? If you’re reading this site you had it two months ago.

I find it very amusing certain city mouthpieces (Mayor Jeff Speaker, Aldermen Steve Ponto and Scott Berg for example) are so very, very quiet on the issue. Oh, I know, it’s county business now. I doubt any of them want to admit how little power they have over the situation.

Remember, two former Brookfield aldermen, Jim Heinrich and Tom Schellinger are now on the County Board. I wonder how much it matters?


  1. Great spot for one.

    Lotsa kids on bikes from the subdivision NW of the corner, who ride to see their pals in the subdivision E of the corner, over the river.

  2. Intewedm says:

    I believe roundabouts are more dangerous for heavy traffic than signals, and there is no way that the costs would be the same. The county has just fallen in love with the idea of roundabouts, and they go ahead with them regardless of public opinion. When a roundabout is very large so that traffic can enter and safely change lanes before exiting, then they are good. But these dopey little roundabouts are terrible if there is heavy traffic, and the problem is rude and aggressive drivers. IMHO

  3. BrkfldDad says:

    Safety, from less conflict points, is pretty well documented re: roundabouts vs. intersections.

    Overall the costs being lower is not a surprise. Physically it would look to be similar amounts of pavement. However, the costs of a signaled infrastructure (utilities, lights, etc…) I would bet is higher than the landscaped mound in the middle of the roundabout. In the original county drawings the footprint, and therefore land acquisition, for the roundabout was actually smaller. That one I find the hardest to believe. As for rude/aggressive drivers, they are going to be there no matter what, and I guess I’d prefer to know they are all coming from my left, rather than all sides and front when I enter an intersection.

  4. Intewedm says:

    The plans for for signaled intersection were way overdone just to make the cost higher in order to help promote the roundabout. A simple plan of adding left turn lanes and lights would be adequate for many years and be much cheaper than the proposed white elephant plan.

    I was recently in Israel and they have lots of roundabouts out in the country where traffic is light. I was traveling on a tour bus, so cars naturally yielded to us, but I’m under the impression they don’t drive as aggressively as we do.

    I don’t trust government statistics because they lie and make them show whatever it is they want to show. It’s like they are going to reduce health care cost buy covering an additional 50 million people, not limit availability and coverage, and not raise taxes. Do you really believe that?

    The county will do what they want…not what the taxpayers want…so time will tell if this is a waste of our money or not. I predict a overdone project in the middle of nowhere while more dangerous intersections are left as is.