The city starts the annual whining about next year’s taxes

Waaah! They might have to make budget cuts to keep taxes the same!

Of course they won’t. There will be public weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, and then the Common Council will vote to raise your taxes to the amount allowed under the state spending cap just like they do every year. In the meantime, Alderman Scott Berg and Finance Director Robert Scott (and maybe even Mayor Jeff Speaker!) will put on a heck of a show.

Just remember, Brookfield, as long as there’s waste like this, you don’t really have anyone at city hall working on your behalf. They are mostly trained as pick pockets.

**One important note: 3rd district Alderman Ron Balzer did try once to reduce the fleet. He was bloodied and shoved in the corner for his effort.


  1. Yah…

    For the 945th time, DO NOT SEND ENGINE COMPANIES ON 911 CALLS!

    Send a couple of cops instead, with the ambulance.

  2. dad – I don’t think police are trained as paramedics, firemen usually are. Maybe thats the hang-up. We could by BFD a new Honda Insight.

  3. Dan, when the paramedics are ALREADY THERE, who cares? That’s what the ambulance does, remember?

    The excuse I heard was “We send an engine company b/c the paramedics might need help carrying the victim out of the house.”

    Cops are just fine for that purpose.

    The engine-companies are sent ONLY to hype the “demand” numbers, thus the FD budget.