Ah, paradise

Guess what? If you put something off long enough it will rain again and you don’t have to do it anymore. (And you thought I was so proactive…)

Anyway, it’s a rainy Wednesday morning and not much is going on out there. Our Mayor (you know, the one a certain alderman SWEARS doesn’t really have any power) told the paper he’s asking city employees to take unpaid leave. I’ve asked for a copy of the memo outlining the Mayor’s request. That’s assuming there’s a memo and he didn’t just blow words for a reporter to print. I still think it’s a pretty bossy decision for a guy to make on his own – no Budget Committee or Human Resources committee or anything! He must really be the boss or something.

One of you twittered last night that Mike Sprinkel was hanging out at the East girl’s softball game. I do wish we knew what became of that incident. It’s so like the real news people to hark on the implication but not follow through to reveal the outcome. I doubt Mr. Sprinkel was there in violation of anything.

Today will be a few household chores and ta-da! the opening of the pool. Not like we’ll be swimming before August the way this weather is going.

I’ve started a pleasant book. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows is up for the next book club gathering. So far it’s been a very enjoyable read.

Time to throw another load of laundry into the washer. Let me know what you’re up to today.


  1. So a guy shows his weiner to a “15-year old” and a few years later he can hang out at a girls softball game. Hey pedophiles! I hear there are some really great playgrounds nearby…

  2. Dan,

    That is libel.

    I believe if the authorities had a case, they would have taken it to trial. They are not, but are dragging it along to avoid liability.

  3. Anthony says:

    Seeing that Mr. Sprinkel is back in Wisconsin after being questioned in Louisiana, I guess that means he is cleared. Otherwise, I’m sure he would be sitting in a jail cell.

    In case anyone is wondering, Mr. Anton is the teacher that replaced Mr. Sprinkel after his firing.

  4. Having a case is different than having a wife and children during the day and seeking out teens for webcam fun by night. This isn’t a court room, this is the real world.

  5. How do you know he was seeking out teens?

    FYI – He wasn’t.

  6. So he just happened to stumble upon a willing ‘underage teen’. If you have the information, please share with the world how one inadvertently sends pictures of himself to someone he thought was a teenage girl?

  7. Anthony says:

    Here is what happened according to BadBadTeacher

    1/19/08: Media covers charges against Mike Sprinkel.
    4/17/08: Sprinkel travels to Louisiana to answer charges.
    4/28/08: Sprinkel surrenders and is jailed on four counts of computer-aided soliciation for sexual purposes, four counts of indecent behavior with minors, and one count of pornography involving juveniles.
    7/22/08: Elmbrook Terminates Sprinkel’s contract.

    Maybe it wasn’t Mike Sprinkel at the game – maybe it was just someone who looked a lot like him.

  8. Dan,

    You are making a lot of assumptions. Try to figure out what is wrong with the following hypothetical:

    The police set up a sting operation to catch potential pedophiles at Victors lounge on Van Buren at 10 pm on a Saturday night. (or Kiko’s on Bluemound)

  9. I don’t follow. Do you know something about pedophile hang outs?

  10. Dan,

    Kiko’s and Victors are well known night clubs for the 40 – 70 crowd.

  11. Im still not seeing how an old fogie’s club has anything to do with our home grown internet predator. If someone else out there knows what this guy is talking about feel free to explain.

  12. Nope, that was deleted. If you insist on this conversation – which I think is ridiculous by the way – you will do so under one name only.

    The Cindy has spoken.

  13. BrkfldDad says:

    Anthony – what BBT doesn’t have logged is that Sprinkel was released on bond, returned to WI and has not yet been formally charged.

    Mike, and other aliases – Sprinkel not seekng out teens? Let’s quote the record – “The undercover operation began in August 2007, when the Kenner, LA detective went into an online chat room posing as a Kenner underage girl. During an online chat, Sprinkel solicited the girl for sex and invited her to view his webcam four times, sending images of himself masturbating via the webcam.”

    Dan H – it all makes perfect sense (NOT)! Undercover Kenner, LA cops are posing as teenage girls on the internet from chat rooms they are accessing at Victors! lol That, and I heard Sprinkel has been seen at PPMS with a track shoe in his hand.

  14. Ahh wise and powerful is The Cindy.

    Thanks for the clarification on Victors and whatnot… I only know the name Kikos cause Ive driven by it so many times. Im just wondering why people are so quick to defend Sprinkle. Whats the connection? He crapped on his family. I don’t care what court that holds up in, but in my book he is a creeper.

  15. Dan, your last comment was well said and understandable.

    When you are in an area that is restricted to age 21 or over, you expect that people there are over 21.

    My reference to old fogies places was to point out that places that are for adults only are not places people go to find children.

    When the “kenner” 14 year old introduces himself as a 14 year old and the response is that this site is for adults only and you need to leave this site, he was not “seeking” young girls.

    In regard to Bflddad and his track shoe comment, I pray it doesn’t happen to your child and to your family, or anyone else’s.

  16. BrkfldDad says:

    Well, if it was an adult site, I may grant you he wasn’t ‘seeking’ young girls. However, when the officer identified and posed as a underage girl, he went for it. I find the former despicable, the latter even worse and his conduct reprehensible period.

  17. Brkflddad –

    I understand your feelings. It is my understanding the officer only identified his fake age once. After he was asked to leave, he came back days/weeks later and did not identify his age.

    Chat boards, like CNN and others have 100’s of people chatting at one time.

    If you are not interested in the person making the comment, you seldom remember all the whacky monikers.

    I understand your opinion on the behavior. I don’t understand how you could make light of a girl being beaten with track shoes.

    The beatings at PPMS were despicable and reprehensible period.

  18. I’m certainly ready for this conversation to end, but I do have a comment and a question. First, if Sprinkel was never formally charged, does that mean the police made the accusation, ruined his life, and then said, Oh, well?

    Next, I really didn’t get the track shoe reference, BDad. You aren’t known for being unkind, so I’ll have to guess it’s something I missed.

    You guys go and have a good weekend.

  19. Just curious where everyone got all these details on the chatroom and how/when the ‘girl’ identified herself. Does The Cindy know?

  20. Nope, not a clue. (Does that make me clueless?)

  21. BrkfldDad says:

    Track shoe was a bad attempt at humor, my bad… although I still can’t beleive 270+ incidents of assault, as well as cuts and whip marks on a child went unreported to the police and were kept hush by the school district without legal impact.

    Dan – Google is a cool tool. I just did a search on Sprinkel, there’s a number of Lousiana links, even the press release from the Kenner police dept shows up.

    Cindy – Good point on the getting charged, your life being ruined and then Oh well! Something seems quite fishy, though. If that is what happened, I would think a civil suit on his part would have been launched. There’s somethign amiss and we may never know.

    Have a good weekend as well!

  22. Thanks BDad – The 270 abuses did not go unreported to the police. The police investigated, the D.A. filed charges, and the Judge found 3 boys dilinquent (guilty) and they were sentenced to Juvie Jail.

    The school district kept it hush hush…. for now.

  23. Who is Mike?

  24. Who is BrkfldDad? Some things we just don’t know, Dan. Not everyone wears their feelings on their sleeve like you and I – they enjoy a bit of anonymity.

  25. Anthony says:

    Another internet cat fight. Sigh.

  26. Cindy you and BrkfldDad are cyber lovers. Everyone knows it. Nows the time to air it out.

  27. BrkfldDad says:

    Don’t tell my wife!

  28. Not fair Dan! Not nice, either.

  29. Haha. Come on now. Just a little fun – you know the kind you can have on the internet WITHOUT getting arrested.

  30. Ok. You did make me snicker.

    Let’s just say between BrkfldDad and Wilson828 my life is full of mysterious men.

    Can we be done with this thread now?