Spring Cleaning (You Brookfield readers don’t want to miss this.)

I have cleared another cache of city documents from a back room. It’s tough going through these things again. A lot of the papers were from the TIF (labeled TID since TIF became a dirty word) district that was voted while I was in office.

Losing that argument was hard, especially since I’ve been proven correct in the last few years. The district is having a tough time paying back. The improvements that were promised by the city are no where in sight. There’s no park which land was supposed to be delivered after the TIF was approved. (That one’s been promised again recently – could it be that CBL is looking for their parking deck after all?) All that’s been achieved is extra density – and extra revenue for CBL. In the meantime revenue has been withheld from general city funds and more importantly, Elmbrook school district.

One document I saved is a one-page letter from Jeff Speaker to me on how I should stop asking questions about the TIF. It’s written so poorly that I believe it to be actually be his work – staff didn’t know much about it and so they couldn’t cover. Every time I read a document that’s signed by Speaker, I know it’s not really written by him. I don’t think he’s written any of his own stuff in ages. I may pop this thing up again next week and show you there’s a reason.

There’s another thing that’s bothered me all these years about the TIF approval, CBL, and our beloved Mayor. It’s going to anger a lot of people, but I need to say it anyway. Does it surprise anyone that Speaker suddenly had the money to buy a tenement in the inner city after all this approval was made? It would take someone truly interested in good government from the DA’s office to provide an investigation, but there’s no doubt in my mind that money changed hands. There were too many back room whisper sessions for this decision to be a clean one.

Lot of good it did Brookfield.

The other thing I saved is a two-paged map and description of the contaminants leaching off the dump on Brookfield Road. The man that provided the research – he was literally a rocket scientist in his professional career – no longer lives in Brookfield.

The documentation he provides is terrifying. All of the information was suppressed by Waste Management as they were hoping to sell off the parcel to the Dark Lord hoping to make a quick buck off The Shire. Of course, the city (particularly as represented by the mayor) did little to interfere with that ka-ching. Some contamination was finally admitted after the approval process. Homeowners east of the dump were hit the hardest. If you are interested in these numbers I’ll make you a copy.

Brookfield, I may be a little melancholy as I make this declaration, but you have no idea how badly you are being screwed by a majority of your elected leadership. I will die knowing that I tried to tell you, but you simply wouldn’t listen to reason.


  1. What TIF/TID are you referring to?

    Yah, that dump. I used to journey there every week with my father, wave hello to farmer Loth, and toss all kinds of goodies over the precipice.

    No surprise that there was a leach of methane running with the rock formation going east.

  2. #3 in Brookfield’s SE corner around Brookfield Square.

  3. BrkfldDad says:

    While I don’t necessarily agree with everything the Mayor has done, I do think it’s a bit of a reach accusing him of graft, and of that size corruption. I think his purchase of the apartment complex isn’t unreasonable for him. Don’t forget, from what we can assume publicly, he had been sitting on a settlement from Inland Diesel/Schwan’s for nearly 8 years by the time he purchased the complex. I’ve got to believe that settlement was huge, given the severity of the accident and his injuries. In addition, he saw a large salary increase moving to Mayor, is in a two income family, and has the rent (surely subsidized by the gov’t) income to cover the mortgage payments.

  4. Not the whole thing, I’m sure there’s a mortgage.

    The mayor used to laugh about how he was waiting for his second wife to tell him he could afford a Harley Fat Boy. He said she handled all the money, even though she had trouble in the past with bad checks.

    No one knows how much the settlement was, but the lawsuit included his first wife and his two kids, so I’d bet a lot of it disappeared in his divorce. That’s if there was a settlement at all. If someone was going to testify he was at fault then there may not have been much. He had a long history of recklessness prior to the accident.

    I knew a lot of people wouldn’t like the idea, but I still think someone should look into it. Won’t happen, though, so there’s no reason to get excited.

  5. Joe Niebler says:

    Hi Cindy, Please send me the copy of the two page map and list of contaminants you refer to regarding the Brookfield landfill which you say you received from a former Brookfield resident who was a rocket scientist.
    Joe Niebler

  6. You betcha Mr. Niebler. Address please?

  7. Joe Niebler says:

    My email is jcnieb@hotmail.com.

  8. Ah, you want them e-mailed.

    Well, if I have to scan them, I might as well publish them. I’ll get it up tomorrow.