The shakeup at CNI

The ax came down on 19 employees yesterday. The rest are being shuffled. Gone, for certain, is Roger Bartel, the lead editor.

Sue Nord, current editor for BrookfieldNOW, is being reassigned to edit other communities.

Let me know if you have other details.


  1. Heh.

    From the article:

    Kaiser said total page views for the 26 web sites hit 1.9 million in April, which was the highest level in the three year-history of the NOW sites.

    1.85 million of those came from a certain legislative aide admiring his own work (since no one else does) or checking the few remaining bloggers to see if they wrote anything about him.

  2. I wouldn’t doubt that half of them come from their bloggers in general. Their count system was always whack.