The world premiere of Dellville

We drove to Madison last night to sit in the opening night audience for the oldest’s first film. It was a remarkable experience.

This child has wanted to be in film (not television or digital recording, mind you) for at least a decade. He is, in fact, graduating with two degrees tomorrow. The other, computer science, is guaranteed to keep him fed, but it will never have his heart.

I fought his film interests pretty hard. Good grief! It’s nearly impossible to make a living there. But then one rainy afternoon a couple of years ago I happened to catch The Song of Bernadette and it dawned on me: Someone had to be the saint’s mother.

Not that the oldest is a saint. (Oh, no details, but I don’t think we’ll be worrying about that one.) The point is, Bernadette’s mother probably wouldn’t have chosen the path Bernadette took, either. But it was still the right path for her.

Dellville was a smash hit. I’m very impressed. Now that I know how much work goes into a half hour film, I’m really amazed film making happens at all.