Oh dear goodness. I agree with Paul Wartman.

The most recent Brookfield Plan Commission meeting isn’t on TV, it’s the one before that showing right now. Here are the minutes.

Brookfield’s sign code is discussed at length. Though it’s not evenly enforced, a business is supposed to ask permission to pop a banner up a few times a year for a specific amount of time.

The minutes from the meeting state: “Commissioner Wartman said he thought banner signs cheapened the community.”

Yep. I agree. I can’t believe how many of these dangling signs I’m driving by now in Brookfield.

Alderman/Commissioner Rick Owen is pushing hard to have the number of sign permits increased. Hello? He owns a SIGN BUSINESS. I am curious as can be about how many of those obnoxious things are printed in his shop.

So here’s the deal. If you have a business and you have my loyalty, then I know what kind of sale you are having. If you don’t have my business it’s because 1) I don’t buy that much, or 2) you’ve hacked me off over the years, or 3) I don’t have any interest in the kinds of things you sell. None of these will be improved by your banner whipping around in the wind as I drive by your business.

Kate Bloomberg was a sign Nazi. Jeff Speaker’s been a sign wimp. I would certainly hate to see the code changed to adopt Speaker’s wimpy enforcement ideals.


  1. Speaking of a cheapened community, how about a cheapened shopping center?

    I don’t get to the northwest side often, but I could not believe how sleazy all the temporary signs looked at Brookfield Town Centre. Right there with their permanent sign are several flapping, leaning, and cheesy temporary signs for specific businesses (none of which I cared about.) You would think the shopping center itself would prohibit the use of temporary signs.

    I don’t recall any temp. business sign ever drawing me into a sale for the same reasons you state, Cindy.

    Temporary signs have their place but proper mounting is a must!

    I do appreciate the temporary informative signs for special events like the fireworks, Civil War reenactment, etc.