In praise of Donovan & Jorgenson

Ah, the estate.

At the end of last summer we noticed the air conditioner wasn’t cooling properly. We run it so little that we really didn’t have a chance to tell for sure. When another company came to get the heater ready for winter, they mentioned it probably meant it was time for a new unit.

Well, that other company said the same thing last week when they spent two minutes determining the coolant level was low, and twenty minutes writing up an estimate for a new heating and air system.

Enter Donovan & Jorgenson.

My neighbor, a wonderful but particular man, had new units installed by them a couple of weeks ago. I called to make sure he was happy. He gave me the name of his sales person who dropped by to look at my a/c last week. Just to be certain, he said, he’d send out a technician to do a tune up on this old one. If that gave no repair, he’d write an estimate. Today the technician came by, actually looked for and FOUND a significant leak in the coolant line, and charged me a meager $200 for the whole repair.

$200 vs. $7,800. Yep. I’m a happy girl.

Should you need heating or air service, I highly recommend Donovan and Jorgenson.


  1. Slow day on the blog. What am I supposed to do to distract me from studying for finals!

  2. Wilson828 says:

    It would be of more value to me to know the sales person or company who didn’t do a good job of reviewing the situation. Who was the first contractor? It’s important to know.

  3. Kevin Lipske from Interstate Heating.

  4. So… Kevin… I hear McDonalds is hiring.