There’s a new airline in town!

And I’m jumping up and down about it.

Southwest Airlines is set to fly out of Milwaukee.

Oh, I know Southwest’s version of flying isn’t for everyone, but if I can someday make it from MKE to OKC in one jump on a cattle call for low money, I will be thrilled.

I love the old Midwest Airlines. The new Midwest isn’t at all the same. Still, we have a good chunk of miles there. I’ve had great luck with free flights to Florida, California, South Carolina, and New York City. (Come to think of it, I haven’t paid for domestic airfare in a long time.) But, I miss the San Antonio route that used to get the family to the Texas grandparents. I miss 2 x 2 seating on most flights. Oh, and I miss decent meals and wine, too, but good grief, I can’t whine about everything.

So welcome to Southwest Airlines. Just get me there and I’ll be happy. It’s about all an airline does these days.