Brookfield, WI: Wedding Capitol of the suburbs?

We made the front page, folks. Ok, so the story isn’t exactly accurate, but that never stopped a certain reporter. She claims:

City vote this week

But city staff are recommending aldermen deny greater use of the separate reception hall.

It’s not a vote of the aldermen – the Common Council – today. It’s a vote of the Plan Review Board, a baby committee of the Plan Commission. Last month’s board consisted of the Mayor, one elected alderman, and one appointed plan commissioner. They’ll decide at today’s 4:30 p.m. meeting whether or not this issue goes to the next Common Council meeting.

Only last week another developer was asking to raze a historical property in order to provide the same wedding amenities as Wisconsin Memorial is asking permission for now. Wisconsin Memorial pays $0.00 in property taxes for their nearly 80 acres. In contrast, a new development would mean more tax base for Brookfield, and eventually more tax revenue. Wisconsin Memorial wants a freebie to compete with taxpaying businesses.

Get behind the story on this one. It’s not about touching your grandmother’s plaque while wearing her dress down the aisle. There’s nothing stopping a wedding at Wisconsin Memorial. It’s the reception that needs to be somewhere else. It always comes down to the money, no matter how much a reporter tries to swing it otherwise.