Doyle promised he wouldn’t raise taxes

Except he did. I guess families making over $300,000 a year don’t count in Wisconsin, so he can pretend he didn’t.

Doyle is using words like “disingenuous” and “false” and several other synonyms in his address. Wisconsin isn’t really spending more, we’re spending stimulus money and that doesn’t count!

Do you get the idea Doyle thinks a lot of things don’t really count?


  1. The fact that school aid will have to be cut by 2.5% comes as no great surprise to most of us. The state is in trouble, and there was simply no way they could live up to all that has been promised over the last 5 years. So why, then, has the SDOE administration continued to push for programs like 4K and Open Enrollment (billed on the idea that they would be financially beneficial to our district) when they full-well know that if funding were to be cut, we would be left with somehow making up the difference out of an already over-spent budget?

  2. Libby, how’s that school board campaign coming along? 😉

  3. It’s easier to be a part of the solution when you are not a part of the problem to begin with.