The contaminants leaching from the Brookfield Sanitary Landfill

Joe Niebler (yes, referenced as the Dark Lord in this post) wanted this info. I decided that since I had to scan it anyway, I’d let everyone see.

Here’s the map of the wells measured in the landfill. Click on it to make it larger.

Here are the contaminants and levels from dates 1998-2003. Again, click on the thumbnail to read in better resolution.

Brookfield, I’m going to blame a lot of people for this one. First (of course!) we can point a finger at that illustrious Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker. He, along with 4th district aldermen Steven Ponto and Common Council President Mark Nelson have allowed the moratorium for residential development along the poisonous western edge of this landfill TO EXPIRE. Date of freedom was September 1, 2008. (Oh! But they care so very much for Brookfield!)

Next, there’s the greed of a developer that doesn’t care what he sells as long as he sells it.

No doubt, there’s Waste Management to carry some of the burden. They’ve finally started “investigating” the contamination – four new wells were added in 2007 – leaching from their landfill. This plume of groundwater contamination moves south and east from the dump. HOMEOWNERS HAVE HAD OPEN WELLS IN THAT AREA FOR YEARS. Any report to the aldermen regarding the measurements? Nope.

Finally, former Mayor Kate Bloomberg gets a big chunk of this one. She did nothing over the years of her office to monitor the landfill. Children were drinking from the wells filled with harmful chemicals, but it never dawned on her to check it out. Being mayor is a bit like being mommy. You really are obligated to think of everything.

If you are curious about the damage these chemicals can do in excess of the “es” level, run an internet search for the chemical and “epa”. That should get you close to the government documents which will explain it all.

Finally, keep in mind this is not my work. I didn’t verify the numbers. I have a strong reason to believe they are accurate, though, and no problem sharing them with Brookfield.

P.S. Here’s the EPA’s Superfund listing of the site. The government declares “the extent and types of contamination at this site have not yet been extensively investigated.”


  1. ALittleFriendToldMe says:

    Okay, not from a Hobbit, but…

    The daughter the Dark Lord trumpted as wanting to build a home for in the Shire, has not moved to, nor is building a home in there. Pretty telling if true.

  2. Umnnnhhh…

    A 50′ well? FIFTY FEET?

    Methinks that’s a bit shallow.

    By the way, it seems that a lot of the “stuff” peaked around 1999 or 2000.

    Frankly, anyone who purchases a lot in a former DUMP is…….ummmnnnhhhhh…..

    Just like the people who purchased lots in the floodplain east of the Fox River and north of North Avenue–you can expect problems.

    Are you making the case that the City should NOT allow development in areas which are questionable, period?

  3. I’m trying to make the case that the City should be monitoring the contaminants more carefully. Obviously contaminated areas (just like floodplains) should be clearly labeled before a buyer makes a purchase.

    There is one area – west of Barker and south of North? – where the city made a mistake to allow development. From what I understand, the city now pays for flood insurance on those homes. Will the city have to cough up for future Shire mistakes?

  4. W of Barker/S of North is Verne Netzow’s development–the old Moll Farm. A lot of that borders the Fox, which is the south border of the (residential) development. South of THAT parcel W of Barker is the Industrial Park, also prone to flooding, as we saw last summer.

    Can’t remember which Mayor (Mitchell or Wirth) was in office, nor which City Engineer when Netzow put that up.

  5. The subdivision I’m thinking of has a “Vincent Drive” and a “Vincent Court” so I’m pretty sure it’s a Vince Kuttemperoor wonder. That would make it a Kate Bloomberg problem.

  6. Vince’s subdivision is North of North/West of Barker.

    And it’s not low lying land, at least compared to the land SOUTH of North Ave…


  7. The right half of this picture is where I was talking about – Carrington Heights. Someone else named Vincent develops in Brookfield?

  8. That’s VK’s development. NORTH of North Ave., West of Barker–as I posted.

  9. Dad29, the mostly horizontal green line is North Avenue. The subdivision with Vincent Ct, etc, is BELOW that green line. When I learned to read maps as a kid, that meant south. But if it makes you feel better, you can call it north.

    Just remind me never to go anywhere with you as the navigator.

  10. Brookfield actually has King Arthur’s Court within its city limits. I’m very impressed, Cindy.

  11. We have a certain reputation to maintain…

  12. Ugh. You’re correct, although I was certain that Verne Netzow had purchased the Moll farm. Maybe he sold it to Vinnie.

    And yah, that’s the low land.

    As to driving with me—have a sense of adventure, kid? Whassamaattayou? Too old for wanderings?

  13. Whew. You had me worried there for a minute.


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