Disquiet by Julia Leigh

I picked this book up from the library yesterday evening and read it in a couple of hours. Here’s a lengthy review (that gives away too much information in my opinion) in case you are interested.

I chose it for all the right reasons. It was on the new fiction shelf. It was short. And my middle name is Leigh!

The story was haunting. I should have had a clue from the Toni Morrison quip on the front cover. I don’t know if you’ve read Morrison, but her stuff is pretty wacky.

Anyway, if you have a few hours to kill it was a grand departure from the regular fare. Aside from the macabre main theme, there are a couple of other uncomfortable – non-PG13 – passages. No harsh language, though.


  1. does anyone know what happened to Michael Sprinkel? He was supposed to have a status hearing on 5/14. Why is this lingering so long? thanks