You go Dick Cheney

In the news a lot this week is Dick Cheney publicly pushing back against President Barack Obama’s revision of history. Obama wants you to think the Bush administration’s work to keep America safe post 9/11 was a misguided fluke. Cheney is publicly defending that administration’s action.

America’s current environment of main-stream media affection for Barack Obama makes the Cheney coverage a bit of a miracle. Cheney is standing his ground admirably. What I can’t figure out is why he’s alone in this effort.

What Republicans desperately need at this point is NEW leadership willing to take this type of stand. If Cheney is forced to carry all of the water, Republicans are doomed to years of has beens with no chance of a future.


  1. Kathryn says:

    David Brooks argues this morning that Cheney is alone in that because he was alone in that for the past five years. He says that Obama policy is Bush policy with a better face on it. Not sure I buy that, but it does intrigue and it is oddly comforting. Missing from the column is W himself, as if all this went on while he was down with the flu or something.

  2. So now that the Bush policy has a better “face” the media can embrace it as sound policy?

    Shallow America. I do fear for our future.