Wow. I didn’t realize Brookfield had such a bad reputation.

A lot of people sure don’t like us.

It’s really not surprising that so few people understand the difference between the Town of Brookfield and the City. The two get lumped together in many minds. That’s one battle that will simply never be won.

Looks like it’s time to reframe the debate. Do you think our Mayor is clever enough to do that?


  1. Anthony says:

    I lived in Brookfield for 10 years, and now I live in Milwaukee, but can attend Elmbrook under Open Enrollment. Today, even people in Brookfield have admitted to me that the majority of people in Brookfield are snotty and stuck-up. Maybe this is why people call Brookfield “Snobfield”.

    And in a sense, I do think it is true. They have all of these restrictions on buildings. I remember when they built something a few years back, and the city asked them to paint a part of the building a different shade of orange, because the original color seemed too loud.

    I have heard people listen to groups of Brookfield kids, and them mumbling after they pass by “Typical Snotty Brookfield kids”.

    Maybe it’s because Brookfield is for the most part wealthy, and that most wealthy people are snotty. And that’s why Brookfield was called the “gated community”. Rich people treat it like some closed society only for the wealthy.