Driver’s Ed

Yes, it’s been an interesting evening, but there’s no reason to abandon ship. Here’s a little more from today’s listening session at Elmbrook CAO.

Another of the issues that came up this morning in a roundabout way is driver’s education. One of the participants mentioned that more than anything else, driving is a skill that sticks for a long time.

She said that she’d had driver’s ed at school. Now why weren’t we doing that anymore?

I had driver’s ed in Oklahoma at school, too. But I remember there being a hefty fee to participate. Mine was a summer class, but I seem to recall it being a credit on my transcript. (I have a copy buried in a pile somewhere, but that’s not really important to prove.)

Her comment did set me to thinking, though. If we argue that we must have PE because we need life-long active students, and we must have (fill in the blank) because we must have (fill in the other half of that blank), then why not driver’s ed. Don’t we need life-long good drivers?

The district incurs different expenses for different age groups. I can see where driver’s ed would fit into that mix. Will we look back someday and say we missed the opportunity to serve students well by not offering this important skill?

I’m not really advocating one way or another. I simply found the idea interesting.


  1. Districts can choose to offer this or not.

    Just like public libraries now survive by offering free DVDs that you would pay for renting from others, drivers ED is available via private firms and there is no state requirement that local districts offer courses.

    On the other side, don’t overlook the fact that at least at BEHS, the property that used to be designated to drivers ED is now being used for the upgraded school expansion.

    To answer your question: Yeah, sure, whatever.

    Education standards are thin, meaningless and voluntary.

    Drivers Ed is optional. Reading, math and science should be required.

  2. When I was a young sprout…eons ago….Driver’s Ed was offered as a 6 week alternative to health class/phys ed. Of course, you had to sign up for it, but I don’t remember there being a fee involved. One of the coach’s taught the classroom stuff, for the learner’s test, along with the required films of dead teenagers from racing, drinking, reckless driving, and another coach taught the actual driving part. 6 wks for classroom, 6 wks for driving. LOVED it when we drove up to Williamsburg. 🙂

  3. I think the last thing we need to think about at the schools is driver’s ed. Considering we just cut funding for our 4N6 team, which is one of the best in the country, and at East we’re building a huge new gym, and our sports teams are at the bottom of the ladder. Before we start thinking about adding things to the budget, let’s focus on adding some things back

  4. BrkfldDad says:

    Ah, youth… Scott – Driver’s Ed WAS part of the budget many years ago, and unceremoniously removed.

  5. Anthony says:

    Yes, Driver’s Ed is no longer offered at the high schools. Though you can take classes there after school for a month through a private company called Just Drive. The fee is around $300.

    For Driver’s Ed, I’m going to another company over the summer called Safety First. The owners are very nice, and at around $150 with a discount for being part of the police union, it’s not a bad price.