I was wrong about the Shire moratorium

First, I’ve not been asked to make this correction. I did another search which revealed this document showing the date of the moratorium to be extended to September 1, 2009.

I apologize to Mayor Jeff Speaker, Alderman Steve Ponto, and Alderman and Common Council President Mark Nelson for this statement:

Brookfield, I’m going to blame a lot of people for this one. First (of course!) we can point a finger at that illustrious Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker. He, along with 4th district aldermen Steven Ponto and Common Council President Mark Nelson have allowed the moratorium for residential development along the poisonous western edge of this landfill TO EXPIRE. Date of freedom was September 1, 2008. (Oh! But they care so very much for Brookfield!)

There’s no excuse. I blew it. The search term I used initially did not reveal this document. I did not search thoroughly enough. I hate being wrong. I hate being sloppy even more.

Gentlemen, please forgive me. I apologize for the inaccuracy and any harm I caused you. I encourage your to continue to protect your constituents until this issue is resolved.


  1. It’s OK, those guys are A-holes anyways.