Lucky me! I’m being sued.

Hello bloggers. Pay attention. The next few weeks will be interesting to the future of blogs.

I won’t leave specifics right now. MJS just called, they’re running the story tomorrow. They were the first word I had of the action.

I guess I better call and tell the spouse.


  1. What for? I thought we had the 1st Amendment in this country, is this going away too? Please update us.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You’ve already been placed on

    I’m fairly interested in seeing what happens. First amendment doesn’t cover defamation/libel/slander.

    Luck you that the paper was unable to correctly type your blog link in their blog…

  3. You’re right. She blew the link. (Accident?)

    Ok. Now everyone knows.

  4. Don’t flatter yourself. Your lawsuit won’t have any effect on “the future of blogs.” You’re simply not important. But it is fun to finally see you get yours.

  5. God love ya. Have a nice evening.

  6. I disagree with a lot of the blog but I respect Cindy for doing the work and putting information out there that we otherwise would not be able to access.

    I was a democrat but have been pulled to the middle, and seeing the rude posts makes me even farther to the right. Good luck with it all.


  7. Hey! The MJS fixed the link. Aw shucks.

  8. Cindy, while you and I don’t agree on much, it sucks that you’re being sued for expressing your opinion. Good luck.

  9. Come on, Zach, ‘fess up. We agree on most stuff. It’s just politics that we show an opposite opinion.

  10. We’ll keep an eye on this and spread the word as we can.

  11. Kathryn says:

    Anyone else imagining an eye painted on a vent stack?

  12. Yep. That’s funny. Be good! If I have to, you have to.

  13. I suppose you’re right Cindy….just don’t tell anyone else…oh wait.

  14. Uh….I’m speechless. And you know that’s hard to do!

  15. So, Kate, do I win a prize for that?

  16. Cindy, I may not agree with you all the time, but I do hope you the best in this lawsuit. A lot does hang in the balance. Good luck!

  17. Of course, at this point, it’s difficult to comment on the merits of the lawsuit.

    But I agree that you shouldn’t be too worried. The suit seems like an overreaction and a scare tactic to me, an effort to silence you.

    Stand your ground.

    In terms of this impacting “the future of blogs,” I think a lawsuit like this does give us pause, but it also encourages us to defend our right to express ourselves.

  18. Mary – I should probably add “in Wisconsin” to that blog future idea. I’m still not finding a whole lot of cases out there like this one.

  19. I’m not surprised.

    The Internet is the (relatively) new frontier and there’s still a lot about it to be settled.

    By the way, I think you might be able to take action against Joy for harassment.

  20. Nah. She is rather cranky though!

  21. Joy is an odd name for a person capable of such a nasty comment

  22. Well Hello Aaron! My guess is that you’re just reading this because Wiggy moved his blog and most of his new traction to date somehow has to do with an old post concerning my lawsuit.

    Nothing to report, by the way. Absolutely nothing. This thing is creeping along.


  1. […] response to the lawsuit, which was uncovered by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Kilkenny wrote on her blog that the upcoming decisions and perhaps legal battle will have an affect on the blogs in the […]