No, not really. But in typical conservative fashion, there’s a little scent of schadenfreude in the air. (Wiggy, can you at least wait to read the summons and complaint before you become an expert in this case?) As I thought, there are other bloggers waiting to see what will happen to me. We all know it could happen.

I really appreciate the Facebook and Twitter support and your e-mails. You know I love your play on words and quotes. (I’d forgotten that one about “the lawyer who defends himself.”) What I want more than anything is INFORMATION! It’s a bummer that even City Hall is talking about heading to the Court House to pick up a copy, and the reporter has read through it all, but I haven’t seen a summons and complaint yet. Still, it seems a little ridiculous to run down and pay for a copy when I’m certain I’ll be getting my own delivered soon.

On the agenda for today: not much. I’m making a final payment on my September trip to Italy. (Darn dollar tanked again! Pooey.) I probably need to make a trip to the grocery. I should start digging up all of my archived correspondence from He Who Shall Not Be Named and get it in order. And I’ll sit and wait for the doorbell to ring.

Ooh! White Stripes anyone? (Please, don’t let it be lost on you that this video is posted by ickyblimey. 🙂 )

Such a fun song.


  1. Since what I wrote was considered valuable insight by Greg Kowalski, since I didn’t render any judgement on the merits of the case, since I certainly have no motive for schadenfreude, and since I have always taken an interest in these types of cases, I think your complaint is unjustified. As anyone who has attended a blogging conference with me knows, I consider the topic of lawsuits extremely important to other bloggers.

    But if you’re going to complain about what I wrote, at least have the decency to link to me so your readers can judge for themselves.

  2. So now I have no decency. Gosh, thanks Mr. Wigderson.

    There’s no need to link to your work. Why would I perpetuate potential inaccuracy on this subject?