New Berlin rejects 4 lanes for Calhoun Road

That’s the report from Remember, Brookfield is currently widening the stretch just to north.

Sure wish Brookfield had done things the New Berlin way on this one.


  1. Wilson828 says:

    oh my gosh no… you really don’t. Calhoun Road south of Greenfield Avenue is one of 2 main arteries into the NB Industrial Park. Calhoun Road in NB is distressed and needs to be 4 lanes in order to accommodate the Industrial Park traffic and to keep the Industrial Park viable economically with ease of access and good flow of traffic. This is simply the small minds trying to restrict and slow development which is an evil word in NB. They don’t get it. I hate to see Ruby Farms all ripped up and the nice rural like road in Brookfield disappear – but in NB they needed to do something as an improvement and instead the current council has decided against it. See? This is what you get when you don’t pay attention when you vote or don’t vote. You get usually well intentioned people making ill informed or uneducated decisions that impact a community for years. Okay … now… back to my nap.

  2. Well W828, not all of us are fond of the “d” word.

    It is an odd decision given the industrial park and transition to Brookfield’s wider road.

  3. Zaphod Beeblebrox says:

    Yeah, as someone who works in the New Berlin Industrial Park (for the past 16 years) and drives Calhoun Road daily, I think it’s a terrible, terrible decision.

    The current road is in horrible shape, yes, but simply repaving it isn’t going to resolve the backups (just try to go south around 5 p.m. – good luck). They are “saving” what, $1.3 million, by not expanding it to four lanes, which is something that traffic counts dictate should happen now, not 4 years from now when they will eventually get around to doing it, at my guess $3-$4 million or more.

    This is no different than the old “throttled” Greenfield Ave (from Baythorn Way to Barker Rd) – the state wouldn’t construct that as 4 lanes because the Town of Brookfield didn’t contribute their $723,000 share. They ended up doing it last fall/finishing up this spring at a cost of $4.4 million. Urgh. Nothing like government waste. I wrote to Doyle when that decision was made, and got a little form letter from Busalacchi… I just didn’t want to see this waste take place.

    It’s happening again…

  4. Zaphod – for future use (and this is true for all of you) you are not REQUIRED to fill in the e-mail address. It’s only if you want contact with the outside world.

    Clever answer for that blank by the way…

  5. Wilson828 says:

    Update – NB Mayor veto’s small minded aldermen who voted to keep the road 2 lanes – yippee!!!! Those that voted for 2 lanes will be accountable and visible for the bad decision now. GOOD!

  6. Wilson828, did I just figure out who you are? Something tells me it’s possible…

  7. Wilson828 says:

    lol…. I didn’t know I had made it a secret…. but it’s highly unlikely that you’d know me…. I don’t think I’ve been visible in your world.

    How are you doing with this lawsuit nonsense? If you need the name of a snotty in your face attorney let me know – I have some names for you.

    You could use this lawsuit as a spin into your election bid for Jim Sennsenboober’s seat that comes up in a couple of years or so. I’ll help you. We can overcome your misguided affinity to the McCain camp in the last election – oops… wink…. grin.

    I’ve been running back and forth to Door County a lot .. .on weekends. Memorial Day weekend we hit a deer at 70 mph on I43. Survived to tell about it. Luckily the deer didn’t roll up into the windshield. Totaled the car – both airbags blew. Fortunately we were able to drive back to NB … bashed up front end… air bags blown… gimped home. Second deer in 4 years. Second ruined and totaled car. The only defense against the damn deer is drive 3 mph and honk the whole way. The roadways are riddled with deer. The deer population is out of control. Should I write Mary Lazich to do something about it? Promote changes in legislation that would require the DNR to change to a more aggressive deer management program? On second thought, probably not, there are too many big words for Mary in what I just said.

    Better read this for your upcoming trip to Italy…

    I’m trying to think of what else is newsworthy… shrug… dunno… waiting for hooters to open… I had my raincoat dry cleaned… I’m all set. (wink)

  8. Sorry about the deer. The spouse pulled that trick a few years ago. Not good for the deer. Really not good for the car. It was the first day of hunting season and he was headed to the Packer game.

    I’ve actually got the cell phones overseas nailed. I picked up and international SIM card for my old phone when I bought my iPhone. It worked well in Germany/Austria. I suspect it’ll do ok. I also plan to install Skype in the iPhone. Everywhere we’re staying has internet.

    Can you work on the dollar a bit? I was hoping for a better exchange rate when I get there.

    I will let you know if I need a tough-guy lawyer list. I have a couple of things I’m working on right now. There are just a few days to line everything up, so I guess it’s crunch time.

    I will say the process of organizing my information is going very well. I spoke to Jim Delwiche from the DNR yesterday and will review documents regarding the Brookfield Sanitary Landfill next week. I’m very confident that information from those documents as directed by the multiple newspaper articles will disprove the majority of the claim.