There’s evidence of blue sky out my window

Wow! I think I’ll go for a walk.

Still no complaint. Do they do that kind of stuff after 5? God bless this poor guy that did come to my door today. He even had a black briefcase! It was pretty funny.

The youngest had an appointment/consult with an oral surgeon today. That took a big chunk of the afternoon. We also splurged and brought home Famous Dave’s for dinner. I miss Texas barbeque. What I would do for a chopped animal I can no longer identify smoked to perfection and topped with a slice of squishy white bread. (I’m thinking Rudy’s here.)

I discovered I no longer have the 2006 BrookfieldNOW blog postings archived. If one of you is so inclined to save that kind of stuff (I’m pretty sure at least one of you does 🙂 ) and would be willing to share, I’d appreciate it. I’ve got an e-mail into the editor, but something says they don’t have them either.

Have a lovely evening.