Let the sniveling begin

Good grief. The world finds out you’re expecting a lawsuit and suddenly they run to your door. (Ok, traffic is way up. I should write a blog post about How to Get Hits in One Easy Lawsuit.)

Today’s surprise is the number of bloggers asking questions. I don’t mind questions. In many ways we’re all in this together, but when I suggest I’ll answer them only if they keep the conversations private, then no one is interested anymore.

They want me to be the story.

Not gonna happen. I’ve got enough to deal with already. I don’t need the traffic.

For the record, I’ll answer a few of these questions anyway:

Have I seen the complaint? No, as of 1:45 p.m. Central time on May 29, 2009, I have not received service. I have had two calls from two reporters. They have both written stories. It appears from their stories they have read the complaint.

Have I hired an attorney? No, I have not. While I take this issue very seriously, I haven’t read the complaint and so I’m not sure exactly what type of attorney I will need to hire. Someone with print media experience? Someone with defamation experience? Someone with SLAPP experience? These are big unknowns, and so I must be patient. (I heard some of you laugh just now. No, it’s not one of my more redeeming qualities, but I am trying.)

Was anyone else named in the lawsuit? Not that I can tell. While the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article indicated the complaint talked about BrookfieldNOW.com and my term as an alderman, that’s not been confirmed. The WCCA information lists only me as the defendant.

Have I contacted any organizations that help defend blogs from lawsuits? No. I have done some internet research on these organizations, but do not feel they would be of particular use.

Has anyone offered to defend this suit? Nope. I don’t expect any such offer. These cases are becoming more common, and I don’t sense a great deal of interest in them.

I’ll do my best to keep you all informed without jeopardizing my case. I believe many of the documents will be public record and I will share those. I sincerely appreciate your interest and good wishes.