Sotomayor gives Obama a bounce in the polls

Read the details from Rasmussen.


  1. El gato says:

    I think the average American is undereducated and uninformed. Too many are immigrants who don’t care at all about our Constitution. Too many are inner city residents (read minorities) who only care about getting “freebies” and are envious of those who work hard and have more. I believe we have gone too far down the road to fascist socialism to find our way back, and the Democrats in power are all in favor of it. After all, they will still get all their outrageous benefits.
    My advice? Learn to speak Mandarin and eat lots of rice because they will be the next world power. Don’t think it can happen? Remember the Spanish, British, and French empires? All gone and weak countries left behind!
    At least all the saps who are so enthralled with Obama, Reid, and Pelosi will have to pay for their ignorance the same as those who know what’s going on.

  2. The Lorax says:

    For those looking for the reader’s digest version of El Kitty’s remarks: “Whole lot of hate, little substance.”

    or, “Xenophobia meets run-on lacklust.”

    Bravo! Another stellar performance by Nacho Libre himself.