Have you seen all those mosquitoes?

It’s been bad before, but this is incredible.

Yesterday I had a kitchen window open. This morning I found about 20 little carcasses on the sill between the screen and the window glass after the window was closed.

Last night when the dear DIL was coming to the door, every step she took sent them swarming out of the grass.

So what do you think? How do you handle these little pests?


  1. The best item I’ve come across is the propane-fired mosquito trap. They actually DO work. Takes a couple of days after you fire it up to notice the difference, but it IS noticeable (like almost zero mosquitos within 30 yards…)

    They come in different sizes, and you leave it on 24×7 after you fire it up.

    I’ve heard that after 5+ years the jets become fouled; you can repair them, or simply purchase a whole new doodad.

    Other options: malathion works for short periods and has a noticeable smell. Handy if you’re having a one-time event and otherwise don’t use the yard. Same with the “foggers”, which I’ve used to good effect.

    Best, of course, is to treat the yard with a flame-thrower. But sometimes the neighbors object if you get a little sloppy with the aim, and the grass–well, there will be no grass.

  2. Flame thrower. That’s great!

    Actually, I own one of those propane-fired gas traps. I didn’t use it all last year, but I think it’s time to put it all together.

  3. DEET.

  4. Actually, we had our yard sprayed already. Almost exactly one month earlier than we usually do.

  5. Wilson828 says:

    Dad29 – would you please share with me the brand and model of the unit you’re using for the propane trap? I had used a Coleman brand a couple of years ago and I noticed zero improvement at all. Very disappointing. Our local hardware store stopped selling them (different brand) because of complaints – but if you’ve had success, boy I’d sure like to know more. Thanks.