The President will spare no expense on his date

Freedom Eden has the full information.

Nope. No recession here.


  1. So what, now the President isn’t supposed to be able to take his wife on dates without coming under attack?

  2. Groan.

  3. I just wish the government would spend money so my wife and I could go on a date, too. I’d only need $1000.

  4. Hey, the spouse is in the doghouse around here, so I’d do with $500 and heck, maybe head to Flemings without him?

  5. Zach –
    He can take her wherever he wants…as long as it is on HIS dime and not mine!

  6. Come on.

    Is it ok GW took his 49th trip to Crawford, TX in early August 2005? That is about once a month, and spent a total of almost 1 year of the first 4.5 years in office in Crawford.

    Maybe someone can calculate what that cost the taxpayor, and include the cabinet members coming down to conference with him in Crawford, since he wasn’t in D.C. Additional security, communication set up, Travel, Meal money, etc. etc. etc. Add to it his weekend visits to Kennebunkport and Camp David and you a much larger number to address.

    Reagan spent over a year in CA, Clintons had their renta cottage in Martha’s Vineyard, GHW Bush had Kennebunkport, and Tricky Dick loved Florida (Key Biscayne?). Carter went to his Georgia farm. I’m sure all of these president’s went to NYC, Boston, or somewhere for a weekend in addition to their primary get a way places.

    If you want to be objective, compare the costs on vacations, get a ways, and “dates” on all these presidents, and objectively make a comparison.

    If you don’t want to be objective, I’m sure I’ll be bashed.

    I would hope it is a nonissue.

    OH, please don’t be too mean.

    On a side note, Cindy, I hope the best for you on the law suit.

    Thank you

  7. It’s true. An apples to apples comparison is probably in order. It’ll be up to someone else, though. I’m a little preoccupied. 😉

  8. Ditto