Of Kings and Presidents

You know how something’s in the back of your mind and then SHAZAM! the whole thing becomes clear? That’s what happened just now when I was thinking about Obama’s date night.

More, it was about this quote from the New York Post article I used:

After the meal, the Obamas headed uptown to Broadway to catch August Wilson’s “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone” at the Belasco Theatre on 44th Street — where the actors were anxiously awaiting their arrival.

“I’m nervous, excited, honored. It’s still unbelievable,” said Andre Holland, who plays the character Jeremy Furlow. “It’s like in Shakespearean times, when the king would come to the shows.”

Ok, I know I can be wrong, but wasn’t Abraham Lincoln once caught in a theater?

That quote pretty much sums up what’s bugging the heck out of me about Obama. A majority of America seems to actually want a king, not a President.


  1. There’s a difference between being tremendously popular and celebrity-like, as opposed to being dictatorial and ascribed divine authority to act capriciously. Obama is the former. The previous occupant was the latter.