Good Morning Brookfield, 6/2/09

There’s a Common Council meeting tonight. The agenda indeed holds discussion on the plans to raze a historical home on Capitol Drive.

I’m sad the home will go, but respect the property owner’s rights. But if I am to hold firm in my conviction that eminent domain for development is wrong, I must also believe that demanding community use for historical pleasure from a property owner is wrong.

I’m more sad the city has never done anything to truly articulate a historical preservation plan. There’s nothing wrong with a property owner knowing what the city would prefer for these properties. There’s also nothing wrong with an articulated incentive for saving them. Some of these councils members have been around for years and years. I suspect at least one of them will consider it a Very Important Priority now. After all, campaign season is just around the corner.

For the record, I don’t think it’s worth taxpayer dollars to relocate the building.

Also on tonight’s list is the continuing discussion regarding a drive-thru for the planned CVS Pharmacy on the SE corner of Bluemound and Calhoun.

I am sporting this spring’s version of the family cold this morning. Not impressive at all. I did use all the usual “witchcraft” (my family’s word for the concoction of vitamin c, zinc, etc. I take for such events) with a regular schedule at the very start, so I’m hopeful I’ve knocked a few days off the misery index.

Just a warning that my typing hand may be occupied by a tissue and unable to say much today.