Open source word processing program

I’m looking for a very small open source word processing program to put on a laptop running Windows98. Once I get it all set up, it’s off to the shelter as a donation.

I know it’s a very geeky question, but do you have a favorite out there?


  1. Anthony says:

    And you’re going to get a geeky answer from a geeky guy…

  2. Wilson828 says:

    I make my wife use Openoffice … it works great … does what she needs… she just needs to remember to save it in the MS file format. You can set it to default to the MS file format verses its own file format.

  3. Should I have concern over the phrase “I make my wife…”

    That kind of talk rarely happens around here Mr. Hootntoodle.

  4. Anthony says:

    If OpenOffice is too much for your Windows 98 computer, use AbiWord. It’s an older word processing program.

    I personally use Office 07, but no Windows 98 computer can meet its hefty space and memory requirements. AbiWord or OpenOffice both work fine on 98.

  5. Footprint was a priority.

    Actually, I sent the computer on its way this morning without any wordprocessing software. There’s always notepad. 🙂

  6. Wilson828 says:

    Yes I make her use the free software instead of a 150 to 250 MS product. She makes “me” clean the bathrooms. Wanna really get into this?

  7. I do feel better somehow knowing it’s give and take.