The Siepmann house will stay

That’s what the MJS is reporting. You don’t think someone took my advice, do you?

Nah. It just worked out.

You know, if there’s any time the city should consider giving away a little setback change here or there in the form of a PDD, this would be it. THIS ISN’T HARD! It just takes some city cooperation.

Three cheers for the developer Michael Schutte!


  1. BrkfldDad says:

    Not sure it’s a done deal. Article says the home ‘might’ be saved, that they developer will ‘try’ to save it and that Ald Mahkorn was thrilled at the ‘attempted’ preservation.

  2. Well rain on that parade why don’t you. Ok, three cheers for making a solid attempt to let it stay. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I’d like for the house to be there, but respect that it’s not my decision.

  3. BDad- are you a downer or what ?

  4. I suppose it’s to our benefit not to put our heads in the clouds yet. It will keep those of us that want to see the old house incorporated into the new plans diligent.

    I am terrible curious about the “or what?” option, though…

  5. BrkfldDad says:

    Sorry, didn’t want to rain on the parade, but all those non-committal wordings just hit me like a brick when I read the article.

  6. BrkfldDad says:

    Well, it’s not an I told you so yet :). I wasn’t trying to rain on the parade, just warning folks to bring an umbrella in case…

  7. I saw the article. This issue is getting very odd.