Help give a new look

It’s that time again. I’m a little restless with the blog. I’m thinking of undergoing a redesign. Do you have any ideas? (No, a blank white page is not what I had in mind. If that’s what you were thinking, why are you reading at all?)

Ok. Here’s what I want to know. Do you ever pay attention to the market box on the right? How dependent are you on the comment column to the left? Recent entries? Flickr photos?

Give me a little feedback and let me know what stays and goes. Once I know the preferred elements, maybe I can work around that. At the very least I can get some new photos up. I had someone admonish me the other day for using a San Francisco skyline when I don’t have Milwaukee anywhere.


  1. Anthony says:

    I’m not sure if you know this already, but I work for a web hosting company. It’s located at I am an administrator over there, one of the top guys. Let me know if you need web advice or support – my forum username over there is, of course, Anthony. Also, if you would like, I can get you some free hosting.

    I think you need a more professional and modern looking theme. This one is the most recent one to be released, and I think it would be perfect on this blog.

    You would simply need to switch this over to a two column blog. But of course, I think you should get rid of the Blogroll and the Stocks widgets, and move everything over to the right side.

    Also, I think it may be time to put a contributor on to blog along with you. Someone who is frequently on here. That way, your users can be entertained with more posts from different standpoints, allowing for discussion on each.

    I think it may be time to open a forum too. You can download plugins that add a forum to WordPress. That way, people can discuss whatever issues they would like to, not just ones you post. I can also help you with this.

    Let me know what you think.

  2. The Lorax says:

    I do not like the forum idea. Bad idea. I do like the idea of having another contributor.

    I think you complain about the blog too much or at least it seems like half your posts are about how we “shouldnt expect anything from you today.” I say either commit yourself to pumping out a lot of stuff and building a community (blogs don’t live on posts or authors, but on communities that assemble around them) OR bring on one or two other contributors. The political stuff wears on me, but I like discussing more cultural stuff. Maybe because it’s more nuanced?

    Get rid of stock ticker and twitter box (just give us a link to your twitter). recent comments are the most important thing i click on when arriving at the page.

    i’d like to see more photos, but you know that. Update your links. They are a little bit dusty. As for the blogroll, i’d pare it down or at least bold the ones you “read every day.”

  3. Gracious! I was talking about the page design, not about redoing my entire life.

    Points taken, though. I had similar thoughts on paring the blogroll and I never quite caught on to twitter.

    Does anyone click the SHARED ITEMS? It’s really one of my favorite features, but I can’t tell if anyone uses it.

  4. The Lorax says:

    Doing what I can. I obviously keep coming back for a reason. Mostly because sometimes I see compelling discussion and that’s what I thirst for.

    And the snark. Snark is fun. On another note, I have to pick a resturant for birthday dinner. Got any special ideas? We tried Chez Jacques and it was comme ci, comme Ça

  5. Nothing in Milwaukee beats Cafe Lulu if you ask me. I love, love, love their menu. And their chips with blue cheese deep, and their Asian slaw, and the falafel pita, and the roasted vegetable pita…

    Three Brothers is yummy to the extreme, but a slower pace and pricier menu.

    You can top everything off by a trip to At Random since I think this might be your 21st.

  6. The Lorax says:

    Nope, 20. Will keep that in mind for next year. Lulu might be the ticket but I might just be having a tickle for some Mexican. We have always loved Margarita Paradise.

  7. Then why’d ya ask?

  8. The Lorax says:

    Because I MIGHT be having a tickle. 🙂

  9. Wilson828 says:

    I hate change. I like things the way they are.

  10. BrkfldDad says:

    Did you get rid of the ability to go back in the blogs by month? I can only used Previous Entries now. I liked that feature.

  11. I did. I’ll pop it back in. I figured no one used it.

    The new one has a box you’ll click and then scan the months instead of all the months listed.

    PS – I put it on the left column to balance things out.

  12. My feedback would be to turn your feed back on.