Senior prank leaves some spanked (Update)

Granted this is all unconfirmed from my favorite source, but according to her…

The police found several top tier students assembling a swing set on East High School’s roof overnight. The administration didn’t take it so well and suspended the students. Today was their last day, but they’ve also been told they won’t participate in the ceremony on Saturday.

By rumor, gone are the valedictorian and a couple of potential replacements.

Any news out there?

Update – 8 am June 4 – a Facebook group has been started by the perps to rally a little support.


  1. Anthony says:

    Never heard a word about it. I bet some seniors tried to do it though.

    You see, the original senior prank was to unleash 10,000 superballs in the English hallway between 3rd and 4th hour.

    Bowers found out about it though, and made an announcement during 3rd hour telling people not to participate, and stationed teachers at every staircase and in every hallway for the rest of the day. It was kind of weird going from class to class, since all of the teachers were looking at everyone like they were suspects.

    A bigger incident evolved from that move too. You see, if you had your hands in your pockets, the teachers would inspect your pockets to make sure you didn’t have superballs. Well, one kid was inspected, and instead of the teacher pulling out a few superballs, she pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Suspended.

  2. You are a great informant!

  3. Can teachers “inspect your pockets”? That sounds a little weird to me.

  4. Anthony says:

    I think as long as you consent to the search, they can. And they did.

  5. No, at school the rules are different. Teachers can check anything they want really, backpack, locker, cars, your pockets, some have gone as far as administrating strip searches. When you walk into school, you loose like all your rights.

    The senior prank on top of the high school was supposed to be the real senior prank, the bouncy ball was kinda just a fun thing to do in the hallway. The valedictorian was suspended and cannot walk, nor give his speech at the ceremony. Three other boys were also suspended, and they were runner-ups for the spot. A bunch of students are really upset over it, everyone is saying the administration is over reacting.

  6. Superballs in the halls? Sounds dangerous.
    Kids on a roof? Sounds very dangerous.
    Kids on a roof, overnight in the dark, assembling a swingset? Sounds extremely dangerous.

    What is this intended to do? Prove they can get away with something? Make buffoons of the taxpayers and district who are building new facilities for these kids and their siblings?

    Weighs in as evidence that academic grades may have little to do with the type of intelligence one needs in life: emotional intelligence, self discipline, respect, with a dash of worst-case-scenario tossed in for consideration before one takes action. Having super balls is not the same as leadership! (pun intended)

    Makes me wonder what the overall level of discipline in the schools is, from elementary on.

    Did the parents know and approve of the prank? What is their view?

    All it would take is one student injury – or death – and the same people who now feel the administration was too harsh, may well be blaming / suing the school district.

    Kudos to the district for taking a strong stand.

    Accolades to the kids who did NOT participate.

  7. All these things are about as dangerous as trying to leave the parking lot after school.

    I’m never one to proclaim “kids will be kids.” I do believe there should be some trace of the incident on the dreaded permanent record. But not walk? That’s punishing the parents, too.

    Pull the valedictorian ranking, but let the kids and PARENTS participate on Saturday.

  8. I take that back.

    A three day suspension should not unmake a 4 year race toward valedictorian. (I am working under the premise of a three day suspension because that’s what I heard.) The incident happened on Tuesday night. The students are suspended Wed, Thur, and Friday, but that doesn’t really matter because the Seniors are already out although school is in session, so the administrators add no participation in the ceremony just to make them an example.

    Actually, I believe it’s the school board that confers graduation, not the high school. What does the school board say? And yes, it counts that they weigh in on this one.

    Like I said, I never give into the “kids will be kids” argument. But our family has had quite a bit of success on the theory of logical and natural consequences. That means you don’t make new rules at the end of an incident that are retroactive. The kids made their decision to prank based on their current understanding of the consequences.

    I don’t see anything in the school board policies about denying a graduate the chance to participate in the ceremony. If it wasn’t there Tuesday, it shouldn’t be there now.

    I’m all for the consequences they might endure. Make them pay any civil fines, send their bums through the court system if the district decides to prosecute.

    But no new rules.

  9. BrkfldDad says:

    “Me” has some interesting comments. Personally, do I think the district overreacted? Well, if this had happened at the beginning of the school year, would the punishment have been the same, probably not. But, given the year is done, and some punishment should be handed out, they don’t have a lot of choices.

    If it really is the top 4 students who are suspended, it just reitereates something I found out in business years ago, just because you are book smart, doesn’t mean you are all that wise.

  10. I think this has the potential to backfire. By taking such “firm” actions, won’t the graduating class rally to the support of their heroes (looks like the facebook page is a start). I agree with Cindy. Although there should be consquences, this is going to far. I also think that kids that are book smart can make mistakes, but are often held to higher standards because they are good kids and more is expected of them than others.

  11. I agree. This type of knee-jerk reaction is not going to go unnoticed on graduation day. Leave it to Elmbrook. They seem to have written the book on unintended consequences.

  12. Anthony says:

    Elmbrook: Home of the Graduation Controversies.

  13. Update wise-
    Turns out the parents and Dr. Gibson met today to discuss the whole “not walking” situation. The parents are 100% behind the kids.

    But wait, the whole situation hasn’t unfolded yet.

    Turns out, a custodian who works at Brookfield East had agreed to help them, not majorly, but /shehe thought it was in good fun and agreed to help them onto the roof with the swingset. In return, they left him/her brownies, mountain dew, and a very well written thank you card (It was the top 5 people in the class afterall).

    It was the Construction workers, who were at the school in the middle of the night (I herd someone say it all went down around 3AM, what are workers doing there? I don’t know…) The Construction workers called the police, and that set everything forward.


    Gibson agreed to hear the kids out, and said that he will take all things into consideration and decide wither or not they will walk. The odds seem bad, but hey, at least he’s pretending to hear them out.

    I miss the days when summer was filled with swimming and Frisbees, not lawsuits and controversies…

  14. I still wonder where the school board is in all this.

  15. Anthony says:

    “I’m the schools reporter for Brookfield – Elm Grove NOW. If any of you (especially the five prowlers) or your parents want to talk with me for a story about this, please give me a call at 232-446-6608.” -Isral DeBruin on the Facebook group.

    Looks like this is going to get some press.

  16. Come on. These guys aren’t that hard to find. Call them!

    (Don’t you have to wonder how that reporter found out about the Facebook group?)

  17. Anthony says:
  18. Whatever says:

    School officials give the same warning every year to the seniors during their last week of school. “Commit a suspendable offense and you WILL NOT participate in graduation ceremonies”. This is no knee-jerk reaction.

  19. Seesh, rumor has it that the senior class is organizing a way to get the 6 seniors onto the stage at the ceremonies.

    I’m worried on exactly how they will do this…

  20. Anthony says:

    I will be there on Saturday. I can’t wait to see what plays out.

  21. The Lorax says:

    Wouldn’t be the first time our tips went into that dastardly paper, Cindy.

  22. It’s just darned frustrating that they pretend I don’t exist until someone sues me. 😉

  23. The Lorax says:

    Anyways, on the topic at hand, I think present analysis is correct: Elmbrook was hackneyed, there are unintended consequences, and kids will be kids.

    Case closed, jury dismissed. Justice served.

  24. Parents bummed. Pranksters immortalized. Future classes try repeatedly to top this one.

  25. The Lorax says:

    I was waiting for that, haha. They did dupe Elmbrook into a corner. Although, that might not take much brains.

  26. prowlerfan says:

    wow. no one here should have anything to say about these students unless you actually know them. i am not very close friends with any of them, but any senior could tell you that these kids would never be ones to cause trouble. they bought a swing set with their own money, and assembled it on the school roof with the intent to donate it. They left baked goods and a note thanking the admins for putting of with them for the past four years (by “putting up with them”, they are not meaning their bad behavior.they are smart and kind kids who have probably never even been in the principals office unless it was for a scholarship.) yes they used a ladder which could be unsafe. people use ladders everyday. its dangerous. you could just have easily be hit by a car. the administration is taking this way too far. they all deserve to walk at graduation. they have worked hard for four years and a creative prank that harmed no one should not stop them from graduating with their classmates. there are kids that have had numerous in school suspensions and they still get to walk. unfair. the administration is just being huge jerks: if you have to show people you’re the boss you’re not really the boss.

  27. The Lorax says:

    Prowler, settle down. I know at least three of them personally. Give it a rest.

    EDIT: Although, your last line is right on the money.

  28. Walking or not, these kids are awesome in my book! Someone once threw water balloons from the roof during our NHS ‘sleep-in-a-box night’.

  29. Irresponsible, booksmartbutunwise, recklesskid says:

    As one of the six that actually participated in the act, I can say that there is a lot of misinformation going around in this discussion. First off, the parents were not “100% behind” it. Two of the six sets of parents didn’t know, and most of the rest were more like “100% behind” letting kids who are legally adults and will be going to college soon make decisions. It’s just a different style of parenting, and no self-respecting parent can say that it’s outright wrong.

    I would also like to dispel the myth that all high-school students completely disrespect authority and are completely self-centered and reckless. We all had perfect disciplinary records for 4 years until the very last day of our high-school career. We kept good grades, which is not a simple matter of so-called “book-smarts,” but of work and responsibility. One of us enlisted in the United States Marine Corps to become an officer (and could have used his status to have the police’s charge waived, but decided to take responsibility for his action) and two others tried but weren’t qualified. One of us is a leader in the Spring Creek Youth Group (of which two others are members) and is working at a charity this coming Summer. That sort of service and responsibility should be respected. As an aside, all 6 students were Christian. The set was intended to be donated and there were appreciation packages for the janitorial staff and the administration. The actual prank was chosen because it didn’t harm anybody or any property, because it didn’t leave a difficult mess to clean, it didn’t offend anyone, and it didn’t disrupt any learning in the classroom. It could just be my perspective, but I think it’s unfair to say that we are irresponsible and make poor choices.

    I should also add that in our discussion with Dr. Gibson, we were asking that alternative punishments be put in place (we thought that community service like landscaping after construction or helping other referendum-related activities), not that the punishment should be dropped altogether. All of us would be willing to give up our walk, but this punishment extends to affect family members traveling to see the event.

    The intention of the prank was to both make people laugh and increase school spirit for everyone else, without hurting anyone. It was also to show an example that “one-upping” others’ pranks doesn’t need to involve more violence or destruction. It was not to cause chaos or inconvenience the faculty as others have in the past. Although not in the way planned, our goal was met. The school, students and staff alike, have all found something to increase a feeling of comradery. It wasn’t about an impressive, unexpected feat accomplished by the Brookfield East Senior class like we had expected, but now it was also about the people that did it.

    If 6 (almost) perfectly behaved, high-achieving, responsible students can’t perform a harmless prank supported by a significant majority of the students and staff (even the janitor who found us), then what can be done to have fun with a tradition that has gone back generations?

    I could go on and on, but the point I’m trying to make is that you shouldn’t extrapolate and assume in cases such as this.

  30. Dear Kid,

    If you look at Joe’s comment again I believe he said parents ARE 100% behind the kids. That would be now, after the fact, not prior to the event.

    I hope that’s the case, anyway.

    Good luck. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that all goes well for you.

    By the way, I’ve heard once before that landscaping help post referendum was not allowed because of a union situation. It’s not something I’ve confirmed, but it wouldn’t surprise me to find that’s the case.

    (Yes, it’s after 3am. Blasted dog.)

  31. Whatever says:

    Dear Kid,
    I applaud your parents for letting you make decisions about your actions. However, in doing so, your parents are also asking that you take responsibility for these decisions that you make. Responsibility means accepting the consequences for your actions.

  32. Anthony says:

    Dear Fellow Student,

    As a frosh at East, and someone usually familiar with the latest gossip, I can tell you that your prank attempt will be remembered for years to come. Every class is going to try to top yours.

    It’s great you are accepting responsibility for your actions, something others would not do.

    I do think that you guys should walk. Administration is overreacting. Yes with the suspension, but no with the graduation thing. You guys reached very high statuses in your class – you need some kind of recognition.

    I wish things go well for you, and hope to see you walk on Saturday.

  33. Whatever – Accept the consequences? You mean like Matt Gibson’s kid did with all those “light up” issues he had?

    Matt, I found out last night some parents actually counted the number of times you looked away. Maybe it’s time to share the wealth, so to speak. Pretend they are your sons and see where it gets you.

  34. When the police and media are called, it is my belief that Elmbrook pulls out the policy manual.

    When no one knows about it, it is my belief they cover it up, and throw the policy manual out the window, unless it is a policy in their favor.

    3 boys can abuse a child hundreds of times at PPMS and the district doesn’t have time to investigate for 10 days, yet the police charge and arrest them within 4-6 days.

    In the long run, the district did not investigate the issues presented to them, but only to the “nature” of how the vice principal handled the situation, sending the beaten child home on the bus, and failing to read the note she wrote, explaining the 4 beatings she took minutes before.

    The Central Office was made aware of beatings and wounds, but advised the school not to contact authorities.

    But with the Brookfield East 6, the police are called, media knows, immediate action by the district.

    They punish these 6 immediately, and make the concequence one to remember for a lifetime.

    Isn’t it ironic?

  35. Just heard about this a hour ago. Yes, living down in TN does have a few drawbacks. The Mr was listening to Sykes, through the internet of course, and came in chuckling.

    Honestly, I’m amazed at the ingenuity. I’m an old fart, and I think it’s one of the funniest things I’ve heard kids doing in a very long time. Was getting up on the roof dangerous? Well, yeah…..probably. Was there any damage done? Evidently not. What’s the big deal? “Back in my day” kids did a whole lot worse in the prank department. If these kids were major pains in the butt on a regular basis, I’d say yeah, the punishment fits the crime. Since this is a one time thing…..jeeez, get over it!

    But that’s just my 2 cents.

  36. So Sykes was on the case. Hmm… I may have to find a podcast. Does he do those?

  37. BEHS mom says:

    There’s a link in this story to the 620 radio interview with one of the 6

  38. I still argue that school was in session Thursday and Friday, so the three day suspension should be Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. That would leave them eligible for the ceremony Saturday.

    Where the heck is the school board? Why is Gibson in the middle; isn’t discipline like this a principal’s job? Something still doesn’t fit.

  39. Here’s the link to Syke’s show – It’s Jeff Wagner that’s on today.

    The subject is about 1/3 way into the broadcast.

  40. Whatever says:

    If the suspension was Wed, Thur, Fri, it still would make them ineligible for the grad ceremony. If an athlete is suspended ofor a Friday, they are ineligible to compete in Fri night/Sat events. Chain of command is principal/sup/school board. If the students don’t like the the decision of the first two, they can take it to the board

  41. Irresponsible Kid,

    Hahaha, your line that the kids are not bad kids because ‘they are Christian’ made me laugh. You know how many criminals, murderers, and horrible people hide behind ‘being Christian?’ What if they were Muslim, or atheist, then they are ‘bad?’

    Whine whine whine, suspend them and dont let them walk and then maybe this year’s junior class will take notice.


  42. They are walking. Holiday won’t speak, but they’ll all be there.

  43. So, should we take bets on what press shows up? It could be a banner year if the weekend is otherwise slow…

  44. My money is on box cars, Cindy.