Geeky babble

Ok, many of you won’t care, but here’s blog stuff going on, and I’ve had some questions.

Yes, I’m on Twitter. @cindykilkenny is the tag. If you follow that, you are likely to find out what’s for dinner or how many loads of laundry I’m doing. Twitter was more work than fun, so I don’t tweet much anymore and pulled the widget from the blog.

@fairconservativ is the blog ID. But, the feed is not working right now because RSS from the blog isn’t working.

I’m on Facebook as Cindy Kilkenny. I can be picky about who I friend. The blog used to feed there, but with no RSS, there’s no feed there either.

RSS on the blog isn’t working because I like it that way. Short-sighted some will argue, but I’m not seeing any difference in traffic, so I’m keeping it off. It solves the BNN problem completely and means the press have to show up and read if they want my headlines.

So there you have it. I warned you it was dull.